How to Use Technology to Start or Grow a Business

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Whether you want to start an SEO business or a local shop of some kind or even grow your existing business, technology can play an essential role in your present and future plans. Savvy, forward-thinking business owners realize that modern technology offers unparalleled growth opportunities. 

However, the challenge is understanding which technologies are worthwhile to your business and which ones are not. Certain companies will benefit from technologies and tools that, for other companies, would be a waste of resources. For example, a manufacturing business would likely see immediate value in ERP software, but a social media company probably would not. 

There are many different ways to use technology to start or grow a small business. This post will focus on the technologies and tools that are most applicable to the most amount of companies. Still, it is essential to remember that some of these technologies might not be as impactful or valuable to your business as others. 

Think Mobile 

We live in a mobile-first world. Everyone uses smartphones to find products and services and interact with brands and businesses. Even if custom mobile app development is not something your business is ready to pursue at this point, you need to optimize your digital presence and efforts for mobile users. This means developing a mobile-friendly website and ensuring your business is listed on Google and other search engines so that when mobile users search for your service or brand, they can easily click and call your business. 

Of course, the best path for most businesses is custom mobile app development. New and established businesses alike benefit the most from having a direct marketing channel to their audience. Mobile apps allow your business to connect with customers and potential customers directly, build brand loyalty, and send direct offers via push notifications. A mobile app also simplifies purchases for your customers. The easier it is for your customers to make purchases, the more purchases they will make. Expert developers at Koombea can help you start and seamlessly navigate through the process. 

Use Software to Handle Complex and Repetitive Tasks 

There is software for almost any task you can imagine. Whether you need powerful HR tools, ERP, CRM, EHR, or even technology to manage ownership data, the software is available to handle these tasks. Most software is now sold as a service through the cloud. This is known as SaaS (software as a service). SaaS is beneficial for small businesses looking to grow and businesses just getting off the ground because you only pay for what you use or need. 

In the past, many small businesses could not afford powerful software because licensing fees were prohibitive. However, SaaS is a monthly subscription, and it can be scaled to meet the current needs of your business. If you want to gain valuable insights into your operations and processes, your business needs to use software tools like ERP and CRM. 

In today’s hyper-competitive business market, it is important to use every tool you can find to gain an advantage. SaaS can help your business compete and grow without being a drain on your operating budget. 

Invest in Social Media and Digital Marketing 

Social media has made a significant impact on how we live our lives and handle our business interests. Social media channels offer your business a unique way to reach and directly communicate with your target audience. In addition, these social channels offer an opportunity to build brand awareness, share knowledge, and create a community around your services or products. 

Investing in growing your social media following can help you attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and lead to more sales. In addition, the more you invest in social media, the less you will have to invest in paid advertising as your following grows. 

Beyond social media, your business should also focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps your website appear in the top search results on the variety of search engines people use to find information, products, and services. Like a strong social media following, you can cut your paid advertising costs if your business can build a strong organic search presence.  Part of this is link building which can increase your authority among search engines; learn more at

Harness the Power of Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is a well-established technology. Yet, many businesses do not harness the capabilities of the cloud. Cloud computing can be used in several ways to benefit your growing business. For one, the cloud can be used to power a remote or distributed workforce. Employees on the go can access key software tools, documents, and data via the cloud. 

Plus, cloud computing offers businesses more security. Of course, it is not wise for your business to trust a cloud provider to handle every aspect of your digital security. Still, cloud computing comes with additional layers of security built-in. If you are starting a business, start on the cloud because many businesses are migrating all of their processes and IT infrastructure to cloud platforms due to operational efficiency and increased security. 

Leverage Data 

Modern organizations are built on data analytics. If you want to make strategic growth decisions that make your business more competitive, leverage data analytics tools. Every facet of your business can be measured and analyzed by Big Data tools. Take the time to establish data collection and analysis processes to gain valuable insights into your operations. If you want to grow your business and succeed in a crowded market, you need to take control of your data. 

Final Thoughts 

Several technologies can help start and grow a business. Determining which tools and technologies are best suited to your goals, processes, and operations is key. Choosing the wrong tools can drain resources and leave your business at a competitive disadvantage. So take the time to evaluate your options before investing in any software or technology. 

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