5 Adorable Ways to Style Your Hair with Claw Clips

| Updated on October 5, 2023

You’ve probably heard of claw clips and their awesomeness, but you don’t necessarily know how to use them. You can find them at any drugstore or beauty supply store and they are so easy to use! Claw clips are an easy way to add a little something extra to your look and even to change it. They’re also a great way to style hair that is unruly or too long for regular hair accessories like bobby pins or barrettes. You can buy claw clips online and use them for creating your own unique styles and also just to help get your hair off your face without having to plait it in the morning. Here are three adorable ways you can style your hair with claw clips.

Curl Your Hair with Claw Clips

If you have wavy, curly, or frizzy hair, then grabbing a few claws and curling your hair using them is one of the best ways to tame it down and make it look put together without any effort at all! You don’t even need to spend a lot of money on them either because they’re only $1 each at most stores and they come in so many different sizes that you’ll be able to find one that works well with any hairstyle! Plus, they’re so easy to use that even beginners will be able to figure out how they work right away!


Simply wrap the claw around the end of a ponytail holder or elastic band so that there is no gap between it and your scalp when you put it in place. Then simply secure in place by wrapping around your head once more and pulling tight so that it stays secure throughout the day. If you want something that’s slightly more dramatic, try adding a few beads or rhinestones along one side of the clip for some extra flair!

Hiding Your Wavy Hair Up

When it comes to hiding your waves, claw clips are the best way to go. Not only will you be able to hide them better than any other method, but also because they’re so lightweight, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a wig or headband. They’re also super easy to put on and take off so you can style your hair however you want!

Creating a Bun

Claw clips are great for creating a bun because there’s not much bulk involved in their design — so no need for messy bobby pins! With just one clip, you can create all kinds of buns that are soft and fluffy or drape down over your eyes perfectly. You’ll be able to adjust the size of this style as well so that it fits whatever part of your head you want it on (like under your bangs).

Creating a Twist Updo

For something a little more intricate than what we just described above, try creating a twist updo with claw clips instead of pins or tape! It might seem tricky at first, but once you try it once or twice, it’ll become second nature!

Marcus A. Harrison


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