Here’re the Wackiest and Weirdest Virtual Coins of the Moment

| Updated on March 26, 2024

The craze around digital currency is real – virtual coins have managed to lure millions of investors and traders worldwide. Bitcoin’s inception has inspired the development of thousands of cryptocurrencies, so people have choices when it comes to putting their money into such investments. From well-established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum to meme coins like Dogecoin and Big Eyes Coin to so weird tokens that it’s hard to believe that someone really thought of creating them. We’re going to explore some of the wackiest and most bizarre cryptos that have popped up over the previous several years.

Possibilities with these coins seem endless – you’re likely to see everything from bottle openers and keychains to video game skins. Some of these coins have indeed survived – and even thrived – in this competitive market, while others vanished in the same manner they appeared. So, if you want to stay on the safe side and invest in the crypto king, you’re absolutely entitled. But even so, you’re recommended to pay close attention to the BTC price and things like global adoption and trading volume so that you have no unpleasant surprises regarding this move.

Nonetheless, it’s worth having some idea about the many unusual coins out there.


We’ll start our round-up with Dogecoin as it’s the happiest of them all. Developed in 2013 by software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, Dogecoin is today one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, what started as a joke is now a lucrative investment. At first, there was little hope that this coin would ever gain so much popularity, as Palmer himself told in an interview. Where did the two technologists take inspiration from? Well, you surely know the famous Shiba Inu meme that was viral in 2013. The coin representing this fun dog was also intended to be a satire on the several fraud cryptocurrencies that had arisen at that time.

Dogecoin is an excellent crypto variant to diversify your investment portfolio, so if it has caught your attention, feel free to take the leap – Dogecoin is already millionaire Musk’s favorite.


PotCoin has been around for a while, but it didn’t stand out until recent years. The coin is considered by many the future of the cannabis industry, and it might be so if it continues to lure users. PotCoin was designed to help customers and vendors interact through a network that makes purchasing and selling legal marijuana easier. Cannabis enthusiasts can now interact, transact, and communicate on a decentralized peer-to-peer platform.

PotCoin experienced meteoric notoriety, particularly in 2017, when the community in question was involved in the peace negotiation between the United States and North Korea. During that period, PotCoin’s community saw a 600 percent growth.


Before jumping to conclusions, learn that this coin has nothing to do with unidentified flying objects or extraterrestrials. Instead, UFO means “Uniform Fiscal Object”, and it’s recognized for the neo-script technology it uses to create top-notch encryption and deliver an additional layer of protection to the platform. Peter Bushnell, UFOCoin’s chief developer, is a former BTC miner, so he probably has a comprehensive grasp of mining and is likely to make from UFO a coin that almost anyone can mine if they dispose of nothing but a desktop computer.

Unbelievably, UFO is one of the most cogent cryptos on this list, featuring a Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, a total coinage of about 4 million, and 626 coins per block.


Celebrities are no strangers to digital coins, and the American hip-hop singer Kanye West is no exception in this case. But the circumstances are strange, as the artist declared himself not involved in this project. An association instead launched Coinye in 2014, intending to make this crypto accessible to non-programmers. Unfortunately, Coinye’s life cycle was short, and the virtual coin inspired by Kanye West didn’t survive. The project became swept up in a logo infringement lawsuit and died. But it definitely deserves its place in this list of wacky cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency has left its mark on almost every industry, so it should be no surprise that it entered the dental industry. DentaCoin was released in 2017 by the foundation with the same name and aimed to enhance dental health across the globe. It didn’t do much until now, but it’s still in circulation, so nothing is excluded. After all, the crypto space is quite unpredictable, with many new cryptos entering the market on a daily basis and just as many vanishings. But there are also coins that have risen from the ashes. DentaCoin, featuring a set of dental apps, a functioning digital currency, and a smart contract-based dental assurance model, could be part of the category previously mentioned.


Mooncoin is a weird crypto, but not in terms of its potential – because it could have real potential – but because of its supply, which is limited to no more and no less than 384 billion coins. This number seems to be linked to the average distance between our planet and the Moon. We further declare Mooncoin a quite special coin with its own programming language, MoonWorld, being conceived to improve micro-transactions.


Presidents seem to be sources of inspiration as regards cryptocurrencies. Several digital coins resembling the faces of presidents like Trump and Putin have popped up over the years, so what is it all about? Well, all of these coins have the same purpose – supporting these political leaders’ administrations. PutinCoin, named after Russian President Vladimir Putin, intends to support the country’s economy and promises a series of opportunities for social and economic projects, private individuals, traders, and businesses.

Some of these cryptos’ names are downright hilarious, but coins like Dogecoin managed to have an impact, so never say never in the case of the other bizarre coins on this list.

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