Instagram Marketing Automation: Using Instagram Proxies

| Updated on March 15, 2024

Today, remaining relevant on social media platforms is the name of the game. Marketing agencies need to manage hundreds of accounts for their clients. However, it will only allow a handful of handles per IP address. For this reason, agencies need proxies to implement Instagram marketing automation projects successfully. 

This way, a social media platform’s moderators won’t notice a single host managing several handles and flag it for spamming or suspicious behavior. Learn more about everything you need to know to successfully implement these strategies on this platform. 

Instagram Proxies: Explained

Instagram proxies

First, we need to first define what Instagram proxies are and how they work. A proxy optimizes marketing projects on the social media platform. A residential one from Smartproxy can be used to create multiple accounts to collect data. With an IP pool of over 50 million IPs (plus more than 195 locations) and advanced rotation of the representative, the chances of your address getting flagged reduce considerably. 

Why Should You Use an Instagram Proxy?

There are many reasons and benefits to why you should use them to manage multiple accounts. 

Managing Various Instagram Social Media Accounts

You must give your client as much exposure as possible on such platforms and by using these proxy you will know what to post on Instagram. if you have a marketing agency. This can only be accomplished when you employ a substitute. If you don’t have one of these, your all efforts can become useless in the long term. The reason for this is that the platform administrators flag an address that’s associated with many different accounts. These accounts and all others linked to the same IP then be banned.  

Establishing a Solid Following

To establish a solid and dedicated following, you need to be able to create multiple accounts on this platform. This significantly reduces the amount of effort that you need to put into attracting and keeping followers. You can create different handles that apply to many different sets of user preferences that still market your client’s products or services. 

Scraping Instagram

A residential account representative will enable you to implement the automation projects successfully. You’ll be able to use a variety of addresses to successfully scrape valuable information relating to customer trends and hashtags to formulate a more appropriate marketing plan by making more informed decisions. 

Unblocking Instagram

A proxy enables you to access geo-restricted content. For example, you’ll be able to bypass all restrictions if your country isn’t entirely sold on the use of Instagram. The tool assigns an IP address that bypasses these restrictions giving you access to all available content. 

What Instagram Proxies Will Work Best for You?

There’s a variety of proxies that are designed to simplify and promote the efficiency of any Instagram marketing automation project. 

Residential Proxies

You can use a static or rotating residential proxy. However, it’s recommended that you rather consider a rotating residential proxy as it’s better for creating a more diverse array of accounts. Static residential ones are better equipped to manage social accounts. The proxies are a type of residential proxy, but it’s certified to not have their IPs associated with any accounts. This means you can create at least four new handles with each IP without fearing any bans.

Mobile Proxies

Instagram is well-known for having more trust in mobile phone IP addresses. The main reason for this is that it is, first and foremost, a mobile application. Secondly, mobile phones can share the same address. However, if you’re going to need many accounts, this tool isn’t recommended. Mobile proxies can be expensive and can become unsustainable in the long run for this reason.

DataCenter Proxies

A data center proxy is a dedicated one that’s specifically designed to be employed on social platforms. This option is much cheaper than the above two proxies. However, this proxy would be better recommended for web scraping efforts as social media platforms can still pick up and block these types of proxies. 

Shared Proxies

A shared proxy is precisely what it states. When you use this tool for substitute representation, you’ll share various IP addresses. This could become an issue if the platform already blocks a particular address without your knowledge. This type of proxy isn’t recommended for managing multiple accounts.

Can Instagram Proxies Help in Increasing Engagement and Sales?

It’s true that this platform has more engagement rate than Facebook, which is more than ten times. Additionally, it has more than 1 Billion active users hence, serving as the best platform to divert traffic to your venture if harnessed wisely. However, it is not a link-friendly platform but still, you can deploy tools that can update your bio with every newer post and directly make your audience land straight into the website or blog. Proxies also help at bypassing location restrictions and utilize the data collected by running campaigns or other efforts. In addition to this, it is helpful to unlock a blocked handle. Besides this, an increase in the engagement rate at the handles of this platform allows businesses to make good sales. 


Users have to be careful while deploying such tools as these are not always very reliable and it is possible that they might encounter hacking of accounts or data. However, it is a great option to go for mobile tools as they are more secure and have fewer complications while using them.

Are Instagram Proxies the Best Choice?

There may be limitations to any tool that you use. A proxy offers an average success rate and uptime of over 99%, with a response time of less than six seconds. Although, it must be mentioned that this can still create peer-to-peer connections with rotating connections using 30-second sticky sessions. The best feature about these proxies is that you can purchase them on a ‘Pay as You Go’ option. These factors will still make this type of proxy your best choice for implementing a successful marketing strategy.

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