Home Organization Tips: Upgrade Your Bathroom With A New Storage

| Updated on October 5, 2023

Every day as you use the bathroom, dirt, and clutter pile up. It is crucial to have the right bathroom layout and proper storage. The best arrangement is where you can reach the things that you need. A storage upgrade to your bathroom can help you organize things properly. Your bathroom is not just a place to clean up yourself. It is a place where you can spend time on yourself. You can enjoy some “Me Time” in this area of your house. It is as important as your bedroom. You can add a simple wall design or an indoor plant to have a fresh feeling while inside. An over the toilet storage is also a small addition but can hold your frequently used items. This necessary addition can be space and time-saving. 

Steps in Organizing your Bathroom

To have a smooth process of upgrading your bathroom, you must first clean and organize all items. Follow these steps to avoid repeating tasks.

  1. Take out all the items in your bathroom. While doing this, you might see empty product bottles that add to the bathroom clutter. Take out other unnecessary things. In this step, you can estimate the extra storage that you need.
  2. Group all the products. After taking things out of the storage or the bathroom, sort them. Sort them depending on their uses. Separate liquid from dry products so it will not affect another dry item in case of accidental leakage. Group the items according to usage and type. Give a dedicated place to each group. Separate the new and dry towels from the used ones. Group the toiletries. 
  3. Dispose of the items you don’t need, including expired products, empty bottles, and sachets. You can also throw the things that only take up space. These items are those you haven’t used for a year.
  4. Clean the Bathroom. Clean the upper part first, and the floor should be last. Wipe the specks of dust, then brush all the tiles, sink, and toilet bowl. If you are using a liquid cleaner, it is an excellent idea to let it sit on the tiles and other areas for a few minutes to erase the dirt easily.
  5. Add more storage if needed. If you have a small bathroom, you must make use of the vertical spaces for storage. You can have storage under the sink. Also, you can have over the toilet storage for space not often used.

Types of Bathroom Storage You Can Use

  • Cabinets. You can have a wall cabinet where you can store the medicine. You can also put your toothpaste and facial cleansers. Another place where you can have a cabinet is under the sink. Here, you can store extra stocks of cleaning and personal care products.
  • Vanity. A vanity should store your moisturizer, makeup, perfumes, facial oils, and serums. You should also keep your brush and combs in here. A vanity should have enough dividers to store your grooming products. You want plenty of storage for these things. Take a look at these trending vanities for some different models to fit your bathroom size and aesthetics.
  • Drawers. These are excellent storage for towels. It is an ideal place to put extra dry soaps and even shampoo bars. Make sure that you don’t mix things up here.
  • Shelf. A shelf is an open storage for your everyday toilet essentials. It is perfect for over the toilet storage. You can reach and see things effortlessly.

Where to Get Storage Products?

If you have decided on the type of storage product to have, it’s time to go and canvass things. Furniture shops are sure to have a variety of choices for storage products. Make sure that the materials are ideal for the bathroom. If possible, choose the ones with waterproof material. Or those protected so you can use it for an extended period. If you don’t feel like going outside, you can always check items online. 

A wide variety of storage choices are available online. Storables.com offers a fair comparison of items to help you pick. Always check the specifications to avoid wrong things and returns. It is good to message sellers first so they can help you select the best for your needs. There are times that you could not find what you need. That is the time that you have to customize your bathroom cabinets or drawers.

In Conclusion

There are times that we neglect the importance of an organized bathroom. Some have busy schedules and could not clean all the clutter. Durable and beautiful storage can help put things in order. Even if you don’t have enough time to completely clean the whole area, having a place for everything helps. The most straightforward storage is a shelf to store the things you use regularly.

Follow the steps in cleaning and organizing your bathroom items for a tidy space. Then choose the right size and type of storage that you need. Do a simple makeover of your bathroom.

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