5 Tips for Better Lawn Mowing

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Everyone has their own version of a Dream Home. Some of us describe a sprawling mansion with more rooms than one can count when asked about it. For others, their idea of a dream home is a little countryside cottage with a white picket fence. But no matter its size or architectural style, almost everyone will agree that the perfect home must have a lush green carpet of grass encompassing it. 

A recently conducted survey revealed that lawns are one of the most desirable elements for homebuyers. After all, a lawn with thriving greenery can transform any outdoor space into a paradise of bliss. However, to preserve your beautiful turf, you have to tend to it in several ways regularly. This is where the concept of lawn care steps in. 

Despite what most of us think, lawn care plays an essential role in our daily lives. A healthy lawn can purify the air by trapping dust particles and other pollutants floating around in our immediate surroundings. 

Apart from this, lawns are also known to generate high levels of oxygen. This particular aspect of lawns can take away your stress, clear your mind, and make your life generally happier. 

That’s all good and done, but how do you even begin taking care of your lawn? Thanks to field experts and lawn enthusiasts, lawn care has evolved tremendously over the last few decades. Of course, the simple rules of maintaining a healthy lawn include basic garden chores such as watering, fertilizing, removing weeds, and so on. 

The primary feature of lawn care is cutting and trimming grass blades to obtain an even landscape. If yard care is the goal, lawn mowing is the only way to go!

Lawn Mowing: A Science

Before we begin listing out the top 5 lawn mowing techniques, it might be useful to discuss what it means to mow the lawn. For those who take a lot of pride in the condition of their yards, lawn mowing is more than a mere task. It is a precise craft that needs to be mastered. But what is the point of mowing the lawn? 

Well, this question can be answered in two parts. Firstly, a neatly trimmed, smooth, and flat landscape will add immense cosmetic value to your home. Stepping out on your porch or verandah and seeing evenly cut grass is exceptionally satisfying. 

Secondly, mowing the lawn helps get rid of weeds and pest infestations. And some best lawn mowers make this job easy. If you carelessly allow the grass to shoot up, there’s no saying which creature you might find slithering around on your precious turf. 

Needless to say, there are plenty of reasons to mow the lawn. Yet, lawn mowing is considered a science because even the slightest mistake can have devastating consequences. For instance, over-trimming the grass can rip it out of the soil. Using improper mowing equipment can also lead to dry, ugly spots distributed all over your lawn. Additionally, herb disease is an unintended effect of dull lawn mower blades as well. 

Here are a few tips to help you mow the lawn like a professional

  • Keep ’em sharp
  • Mind the height
  • Timing is key
  • Make a shady deal
  • Practice Grass-cycling

Keep ’em Sharp

Want to get the best outcomes from lawn mowing? Believe us, sharpening the blades of your lawnmower can do wonders. While trimming grass, it is crucial to slice of blades of grass with one clean stroke. This is only possible with mowers that have sharp teeth. If you mow the lawn with dull edges, the trimmed grass will likely have jagged contours. Such a type of grass is bound to perish or, worse, facilitate weed germination and pest infestations.

Mind the Height

The second most popular trick to an evenly cut lawn is to adjust the height of your lawnmower. It is well-known among yard care fanatics that mower adjustments vary from season to season. For instance, the summer season demands longer grass to shield the moist soil from the burning heat. That’s why it is strongly advised to elevate the cutting deck of your lawnmower.

Timing is Key

When it comes to lawn mowing, most people do not give enough thought to cutting the grass. However, there is a specific time in the day that is just perfect for tending to your yard. To allow the grassroots to retain maximum moisture, yard care experts suggest that all mowing activities should be carried out in the evenings. 

Make a Shady Deal

Mowing during the day is wrong and unadvisable as grass plants stand to lose more water at this time. But if you cannot wait till the air cools down, the only recourse available is to mow in the shade. Cutting grass under the cover of the shade prevents the brazen sunlight from absorbing all the moisture. It also makes the grass more responsive to growth.

Practice Grass-cycling

A few of us collect the trimmed pieces of grass in a bag due to a lack of awareness concerning lawn-mowing practices. However, the grass clippings can serve as a natural fertilizer and must be allowed to lay strewn all across the lawn.

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