What is Leadership?

| Updated on March 27, 2024


How would you characterize an influential leader? One survey recognized assertiveness, flexibility, intelligence, and conscientiousness as the most effective leadership skills. Positive, inspiring, and empowering leaders are transformational. These leaders value their followers and motivate them to do better. So, how can you embrace these important leadership skills and become a more powerful and effective leader?

Transformational leaders are often enthusiastic, passionate, sincere, and dynamic. These leaders are concerned with assisting the group in achieving its objectives and assisting each member in realizing their full potential.

Let’s be honest about it. It isn’t easy to be a great leader, as in a company leader who is practical, motivating, and well-liked.

The good news is that we’ve put up a list of fantastic, actionable leadership tips to help you manage your company like a boss — a good one. Some are simple, yet they are vital reminders. Others, on the other hand, may be something you’ve never considered before. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Leadership Tips

Lead by Example

Leading by example is one of the best ways to be a leader. Rather than encouraging people to clean the lunchroom after using it, do it themselves after everyone has left and make sure at least one or two people witness you doing it. This applies to whatever else you’d like others to follow your lead on. Do the task first, and show rather than tell. 

They exemplify the habits and attributes that transformational leaders inspire in their followers. They don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. As a result, members of the organization look up to these leaders and want to replicate their actions. According to research, leaders can instill a specific belief in their followers and then convey that inspiration. As a result, followers are upbeat and have great expectations for themselves and others.

Encourage Creativity

A quality that defines transformational leadership is intellectual stimulation. It is necessary to inspire followers to show their originality. New challenges should be presented to influential leaders with enough resources to help them achieve their objectives.

One technique to encourage innovation is offering challenges to group members while ensuring that the goals are within their grasp. This exercise aims to encourage people to push themselves to new heights while avoiding becoming disheartened by obstacles to accomplishment.

Effective Communication and Listening

Focusing on one-on-one communication with group members is another crucial characteristic of transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is effective when leaders can communicate their vision to followers, who are inspired and driven by it.

Good leaders should show genuine concern and care for their followers verbally and nonverbally. These leaders can guarantee that group members can contribute and receive appreciation for their accomplishments by keeping lines of communication open.

Provide Incentives and Acknowledgment

Another crucial trait of a good leader is the understanding that effective recognition and awards are one of the most effective ways to make followers feel valued and pleased. It encourages people to work harder and better when they know their efforts are appreciated. It should also come as no surprise that those who are satisfied at work perform better.

Be Aware of your Emotions

While many suggest keeping emotions out of business problems, business is ultimately about people’s connections. To maintain these relationships, you must be emotionally intelligent, meaning you must be sensitive to various points of view and backgrounds. Don’t forget to have a heart when utilizing your mind to do what’s best for your organization.

Continue to Try New Things

Who says leadership has to be a one-way street? Don’t forget to seek criticism and inspiration from your followers as you attempt to build some of these leadership traits. Pay attention to what has worked in the past, and be on the lookout for new ways to motivate, inspire, and reward your group members.

Take Notes from the Past

To paraphrase an old proverb, people who do not learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them. There are several examples of successful business concepts and spectacular company failures throughout history, recent and otherwise. Consider what you admire about the people you admire and what went wrong for those who finished their careers in scandal or disgrace. There are lessons to be found everywhere.

Possess a Positive Mentality

Transformational leaders have a cheerful, optimistic attitude that inspires their people. Group members become uninspired if the leaders appear discouraged or disinterested.

Maintain a cheerful attitude even when circumstances appear dark, and your followers become discouraged. This doesn’t imply that you should look at things through rose-colored glasses. It simply means remaining optimistic in the face of adversity.

Look for a Mentor

As the saying goes, no man is an island. The most effective leaders recognize when they require assistance and know where to seek it. Nobody knows everything but having someone you can rely on for advice when things go rough can make a big difference.

Be Passionate

Would you seek someone for advice and leadership if they were unconcerned about the group’s objectives? Certainly not! Great leaders aren’t just concerned with getting their team members to complete duties; they care deeply about the projects they work on. 

Consider numerous ways to communicate your zeal to help build this leadership characteristic. Make it clear that you are concerned about their progress. When one of the group members shares something with the rest, express your gratitude.


That’s it for our list of how to be better leaders. There is much more to becoming a leader than the leadership tips mentioned above, but these are some essential things you must remember to exhibit strong leadership skills. Leadership is portrayed in scenarios where you are in charge and in mundane and everyday tasks. Thus, make sure that everything you do, you do to the best of your capabilities because you become the way you think and act. 
Apart from this list of leadership tips, if you wish to upskill and enhance your knowledge, you can enroll with Great Learning’s Future Leaders Programme and power ahead today.

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