Top Tips To Help You Save On Electricity Bills

| Updated on March 27, 2024


You sit down, flip open your newspapers and happen to glance at your coffee table and see a letter sitting on it. You pick it up, curious about its contents, and start prying the letter open. The first few words you note were “… summary of total electrical consumption of the month of May” and you look at the bottom of the letter. “Two hundred and fifty dollars?!” an agonizing thought passed through the hollows of your mind. You feel like you have not done much to be incurring such a great amount of bills and you are trying to wreck your mind, doing your best to figure out what you could have possibly done to have spent so much on your bills this month. 

Getting an unexpected bill from your electric providers is unpleasant, especially if you have been relatively conscientious about your power consumption. Perhaps you might not have noticed that some habits you have drained more energy than you realize, contributing to your astronomically high electricity bill. Moreover, you pick up reading the newspaper where you left off and you found out that the government is going to impose a hike in commodity prices, including electricity. If the sudden rise in energy rates has left you increasingly conscious of how much electricity you spend on lights, washing, and the stove, With the Autel EV Charger, Learn How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill.

A Fan Can Cool You Down Too

If you live in a hot climate, switch on your fans so that they are contacting the thermometer. According to research conducted by an energy-saving agency, a ceiling fan can make the space feel much cooler, and it also utilizes only a tenth of the energy used to cool a room with an air conditioner! It is definitely a more energy-conserving method when it comes to reducing the temperature in your home space!

Convert To More Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

If you are considering lowering your electricity bills, you could take the time to make the transition to LED lights if you have not already done so. LED bulbs are reported to consume at least three-quarter times less energy than incandescent bulbs and last more than twenty times longer. This adds up to a significant amount of money saved over a long period of time, for a small cost. 

Do Not Open The Oven Door

The internal temperature of an oven may decrease by three degrees every time the door is opened when it is in operation. To raise the temperature back up, the oven has to utilize more energy in order to get the temperature back to what it was, which in turn consumes more electricity than it originally would have. If you want to check on the status of your food, you can peer inside the oven by means of the glass and use the light from the oven instead of opening the door. 

Keep Up With Your Dryer’s Maintenance

According to studies done by both government and experts in the field of energy and energy consumption in the United States, dryers consume approximately ten percent of an apartment’s total power consumption. Keep your dryer clean to help it operate more efficiently, and clearing the lint filter after every load is one of the most critical things you can do to prevent your dryer from putting more effort than it has to, thereby saving more energy in the long run!

Use Cold Water Instead of Warm Water

When doing laundry, consider using water that is not heated. The reason for this is because according to a collective study done on washing machine energy consumption, the bulk of the power used to wash your clothes is directed to boiling the water — which is a shocking realization.

It may seem inconsequential but simply changing your use of warm to cold water when washing clothing helps to keep at least sixty dollars per year on electricity expenses in your pocket. Since most soaps are intended to function best in colder water, this is a simple change to make to help you save on your electricity bills.

Having A Dimmer Works Too

Another useful tip is to use your dimmer wisely. Adjusting your lights decreases the amount of energy and power used to light up your house or space, which in turn helps you conserve energy and save on your electricity bills.

Some dimmer switches may be operated via an app. Not only is it more convenient for you as you are able to adjust your light brightness wherever you are, but it also does a great job providing you with even more options for controlling your lights and saving electricity from anywhere.

However, do note that you should make sure you purchase bulbs that operate and are compatible with dimmer controls so that this function can serve you well.

Dry Your Dishes Naturally

Disconnect your dishwasher’s heat-dry cycle. Instead, just keep the dishwasher door open and let the dishes dry naturally. Use air-drying function instead of heat-drying should your dishwasher have the option for you as it is proven by multiple studies that air-drying plates can save your dishwasher’s power use by up to fifty percent — which is a significant amount of energy saved just by making good use of this simple dishwasher tip. 

Make Sure You Are Maximising Your Dishwashing Capacity

If you have to rerun loads as the dishes do not appear to look clean, these dishwasher recommendations might not help you save much electricity use. That is why you must ensure that the dishes are properly loaded.

Plates should go on the lower level, bowls on the higher level, and cups should be upended. Large objects like pots and pans should be washed individually.


Saving energy need not be a brain-wracking experience. Solar panels is also a great solution to save electricity in times. Often times it involves tinkering with your equipment, knowing what drains most energy and what you can do to reduce it that works best for you. We cannot avoid using electricity altogether, but there are definitely surefire ways that you can employ at home to ensure that you are not paying unnecessary bills and putting a greater financial strain on yourself. It pays to be even more conscientious about things!

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