5 Tips for Using Social Media in Essays as Examples

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Where are you going to look for an essay sample? on specialized essay writing apps or websites? Essay databases, perhaps? Simply Google them? What if we told you that the best essay themes could be found on social media, that incisive tweets on Twitter might create excellent material for open-ended essays, and that a contentious Facebook conversation could easily be turned into an A-level text?

Don’t trust us? Check out these 5 straightforward methods to find out!

Celebrity Tweets Can Serve as Debate Fodder

The essay can be converted into news if a single tweet on Twitter can! Simply scrolling through the Twitter feeds of prominent politicians or celebrities will almost certainly prompt you to start a conversation. What more do you need to keep your essay current and engaging for the reader except for a hot issue that is currently being discussed widely in public?

People occasionally tweet queries. As questions are intended to be replied to, structuring your response as an essay with strong examples, arguments, and other material may help you get a good grade as well as the attention of the question’s creator.

Additionally, there are several compelling Twitter situations that demand their own essay (for example Elon Musk making an agreement about building a solar power plant in Australia via Twitter). The real gems might be found if you simply Google the most popular tweets of the week, month, or year!

Add Some Water to Your Facebook Postings!

People are only allowed to use a restricted amount of symbols on Twitter, while Facebook gives them more freedom to express themselves. Facebook users also like better-organized texts, so some of the most popular postings are really simply mini-essays that need a few more words to meet the word count requirements set by your teacher.

Of course, we don’t advise you to copy other people’s posts. But a successful Facebook post typically contains an opening, a conclusion (even if it’s quick), and a few logically related paragraphs in between. Without using essay samples from essay writing websites that have been used dozens of times before, you have a draft of the framework and thesis statements ready. Additionally, you can broaden and diversify the content in your essay by looking at other essays on many sites like Writance.com or another essay help website.

If you have some free time, take a peek at the comments as well. There are some comments that should be posted on their own, but you’ll have to sift through a ton of emojis and one-word garbage to get to them. Sadly, that’s how the Internet works.

Quora. A Ready-made Conversation at Your Disposal!

A person may ask about any topic on Quora in the past and receive a response from other users. But these days, we see more and more challenging queries where the people below argue with one other, citing outside sources and logical reasoning to support their claims. See where it’s headed?

The posts on Quora aren’t as well-organized as those on Facebook, but they are typically restricted to the question posed (as opposed to Facebook, where discussions might get off topic) and there are a ton of arguments that seem extremely, extremely valid and persuasive. Quora is a great option if you need to demonstrate two opposing points of view in your essay.


Essays seem to be as far apart from Instagram pictures featuring gorgeous people, travel, and kittens as is humanly possible. However, the distance can be minimized if you focus on trends rather than specific posts, such as why people like one post over another.

Although it’s not as obvious as in the previous versions, Instagram is a very visual representation of what people find to be perfect and deserving of sharing. These ideals may appear strange, if not ugly, yet this is what the public wants right now. What drives their desire? This is a really interesting study topic.

Blog Entries

Browse through blog articles to find essays; this is the simplest method. A typical blog entry has 500 words or more, and in order to make it readable, bloggers organize it properly and turn it into a nearly finished essay. Finding the ideal blogger and following them are the only requirements if you want to periodically receive free essay samples.

If you want to uncover fascinating blogs, communities, or partnerships that write in an essay-like manner, try browsing through popular blogging sites like WordPress and using the keyword search feature there. Since communities don’t depend on the mood of a single author, there is always someone who publishes an entry, this will provide you with an unlimited supply of essay topics.
Social media is a terrific location to start your search if you are sick of the free essay samples or need essay help that is repetitive and were utilized by college students years before your enrollment or you are just looking for a new source of inspiration. It requires a little more work than simply downloading a prepackaged example, but the rewards are enormous!

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