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    | Updated on January 4, 2023

    Summer is just around the corner and hotter temps are on the way. This is often the time of year that those with long hair are tempted to trade in their lengthy tresses for trendy short hairstyles.

    If short hair is calling to you, then keep reading for top tricks and tips on how to best style your short hairstyle. For those who are still on the fence about short hairstyles, we have included the pros of short haircuts to help sway you.

    Pros of Trendy Short Hairstyles

    1. Short hair is extremely trendy right now, especially with summer upon us. You will love the way your neck feels without the weight of long hair. 
    2. Short hair will always grow back if you find you are bored with short hairstyles after some time.
    3. Short hairstyles are ideal for every lifestyle, especially for those who are always on the go. You will save a ton of time when it comes to drying and styling your short hairstyle.
    4. Show off your inner punk rocker with a sassy short hairstyle. You will feel like a rockstar sporting one of the hottest short hairstyles of the season.
    5. You won’t have to wash your hair as much with a short hairstyle.  Realistically you can wash your hair once or twice a week as long as your condition and/or use dry shampoo between washings.
    6. Short hairstyles are an excellent way to enhance your facial features from your eyes to your cheekbones to your lips. Highlight your beautiful face with a sexy short haircut.
    7. Short haircuts are so much fun to accessorize. From trendy hats, hair wraps, and headscarves to clips and barrettes, the sky’s the limits for dressing up short hairstyles. 
    8. Most short hairstyles leave room for updos, Halfords, braids, space buns, and other fun and flirty looks!
    9. Say goodbye to tangles, dead ends, and flyaways. Short haircuts are a great way to allow for new, healthy growth in your hair.
    10. You can still experiment with bright and bold colors with short hairstyles. As well, you can totally rock buzzed cuts, undercuts, asymmetrical haircuts, and hair tattoos with short hair!

    Tips for Styling Short Hair

    1. Pick the haircut that fits your lifestyle. Most short haircuts are super easy to style.  However, some short styles require some time to style. Take the styling time into consideration when choosing short hairstyles.
    2. Keep up with trims: The key to maintaining short hairstyles is to have your hair trimmed regularly. This can range from four to eight weeks depending on the style and how quickly your hair grows. Regular trims will maintain the style as well as keep your hair healthy.
    3. Use dry shampoo and conditioner and limit washing your hair. Short hair will typically not need to be washed very often, depending on how much product you use. It is recommended to use quality leave-in conditioners and dry shampoos between signs and wash your hair twice a week maximum.
    4. Choose a short haircut that will enhance your facial features: There are dozens of short hairstyles trending currently. However, not every short haircut will work for everyone. Choose the short hairstyle that will best flatter your facial features. If you aren’t sure which cut is best for you, consult your hairstylist for advice. 

    Hottest Short Hairstyles for the Fashion Forward

    1. Short bob with flipped out ends
    2. Short pixie with side shave
    3. Slicked back pixie cut
    4. Platinum blonde buzz cut
    5. Tousled french bob
    6. Spiky pixie cut
    7. Wavy bob with curtain bangs
    8. Classic pixie cut
    9. Space buns
    10. Tight crop for natural hair
    11. Asymmetrical bob
    12. Curly bob with micro bangs
    13. Shaggy bob
    14. Short pixie with side part
    15. Short coils
    16. Angled bob with fringe
    17. Vintage french bob
    18. Faux hawk pixie cut
    19. Modern short mullet
    20. Classic stacked short bob
    21. Curly pixie
    22. Short bob with beachy waves
    23. Short, spiky shag cut
    24. Undercut with colorful hair tattoo
    25. Blunt collarbone short bob
    26. Windswept short bob
    27. Layered short bob with long fringe
    28. Slick bob with razored ends
    29. Disconnected short pixie
    30. Modern bowl cut with highlights

    Still on the fence? Check out these trendy short hairstyles. As you can see, there are countless ways to style your short tresses from headaches to braids and even elegant updos! Talk to your stylist about which short haircut is right for you!

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