6 Important Things to Know About VoIP Phone Technology

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Phone systems are not among the most interesting things in an office setup, but they are very important for the successful operations of a business. Unfortunately, every business has at one point or another handled failures with their phone systems.

The fallout that occurs after a phone system failure can lead to catastrophic effects that might kill a business. Fortunately, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems have offered an alternative to traditional phone systems to eliminate these failures.

VoIP is not a brand, but a service. Businesses need to make sure that they understand everything about VoIP phone systems before investing in one. 

Here are some important things to know about VoIP phone technology;

You Can Connect VoIP Systems to Apps Like Slack and Zapier

A VoIP platform allows businesses to do more than just make calls. They come with other features such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications, SMS messaging, and phone recording, among others.

In addition, you can get VoIP for PC to extend the capability of your phone system. Doing this allows you to connect your phone system with other applications such as Slack and Zapier. These are some of the most popular business management and communication tools we have today.

Such connections are essential in making sure that there is centralized communication in a business. In addition, they help enhance collaboration between employees in an organization, something that is important in boosting employee productivity.

Call Security and Encryption

VoIP phone technology comes with built-in security that is made to protect all the information that might be passed during phone calls. The technology can encrypt and decrypt call data without any problems.

This means that all the data and information, whether passed over calls or messaging, is protected from top security threats and cannot be exposed to third parties.

Conference Calls and Call Routing

VoIP phone systems are designed with conference calls and call routing in mind. Call routing can be defined as the ability of a phone network provider to distribute phone calls to different people depending on things such as extension numbers, requesting departments, time of the call, and language preferences, among others.

Apart from call routing, you can use VoIP phone systems for conference calls. Initially, businesses not only struggled with video calls but also paid a lot of money for them. This has been simplified by VoIP phone systems.

VoIP conference calls come with a host of features. Some of the most common ones include the ability to share documents while on call, record calls, share screens, manage call attendees, and above all, host video calls with multiple people.

Sending Voicemail Messages to Email

Traditional phone systems have always allowed callers to leave voicemail messages. However, you must have the phone with you to listen to the voicemail messages. What happens when you are in a noisy place where you cannot listen to messages?

Well, this is where VoIP phone systems come in. A caller can leave a voicemail message in your VoIP phone system. You do not have to physically have the phone with you to listen to these messages.

Instead, the phone systems transcribe the voicemails and then send them to your email. We are living in a world where business managers are working remotely. Being able to read and respond to voicemail messages is very important in boosting their productivity and the success of their businesses.

Remote Management

Traditional phone systems limited business owners to make sure that they physically had the phone systems with them if they needed to change anything. However, one of the outstanding features of the VoIP phone system is remote management.

This is one of the best features that make this phone system the best option for small businesses. Such businesses have limited resources, and do not have an internal team of IT experts for the management of phone systems.

Instead, they can outsource the management of their VoIP phone systems. Apart from saving costs, this can streamline services and productivity. The management is done remotely and ensures that a single administrator is tasked with all administrative functions.

Auto Attendants

What do you do when you want to automatically direct your customers to the right department? Well, this was not possible a couple of years ago. It is something that has been resolved by VoIP phone systems.

With VoIP phone systems, you can get incoming calls, ask them about the reasons for the call, and then direct them to the right recipient or department. For instance, have you ever called a business and then an automated voice asked you to press a certain key to talk to a certain person?

Well, those are auto attendants in action. This feature is important in helping businesses address the requirements of their customers.

Looking at the things discussed above, VoIP phone systems are very important in the modern operations of businesses. Knowing these things can help you understand how you can use and benefit from VoIP phone technology..

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