What are Diamond Paintings and Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Painting

| Updated on February 26, 2024

Paintings, colors, arts and crafts have always been a source of attraction for everyone. Though we have entered the world of the twenty-first century, the need for paintings and drawings is still alive today. Many creative ways have been introduced to make paintings and drawings look more eye-catching. One such creative method is Diamond Painting. You will find this method very common in DIY (Do it yourself) painting crafters and artists. Created in 2015, diamond painting is typically regarded as a form of mosaic art that enables painters to create a painting made up of small resins by sticking them all around. Ultimately, those resins shine like diamonds over the canvas that has corresponding numbers printed by all the colors of the diamonds. These paintings are really simple to make. You will get a complete kit with a canvas which would be covered with a painting divided into small patches. Every spot on the painting will have a number to guide you. Moreover, you would also be provided with gemstones/ resins that will have numbers on them. You are never going to get confused when using diamond painting kits.  

The best bit about diamond paintings is that you would not require any prior experience to begin as a painter. People who really love painting but find it time-consuming to learn can be benefited much from this painting method.  It would just take you a single try to learn everything about this kind of paintings, and you would not have to spend much of your time. Your shiny diamond painted canvas will be ready in an hour or maybe two by applying the colorful diamond-like resin stones to your richly pigmented canvas painting. In the end, you will be holding a vibrant, shiny, and visually dazzling mosaic diamond artwork. 

How to Start Making a Diamond Painting? 

Before we move to how and where you can buy the Kits for Diamond Painting, we need to learn how to use them. Listed below are some really simple steps that will help you to craft an eye-catching diamond painting. 

Step 1: Firstly, you have to unpack the kit. These kits normally have a canvas, tray, wax pads, tweezers, pen, and diamonds. Simply, the kit will have everything you need to get started. 

Step 2: Secondly, find a dry and clean table or workspace. Unroll the canvas over your chosen surface. 

Step 3: Take out the tray and pour the diamonds into that grooved tray. 

Step 4: The fourth step would be the beginning of your shiny diamond painting. Pick up the pen you have got with the kit, apply a tiny bit of wax on your pen. 

Step 5: Place the tip of the applicator on the diamonds in the tray.

Step 6: Now, it’s time for the most awaited step. Match the diamond you have picked via an applicator to its corresponding symbol in canvas. Repeat steps four, five, and six until you are done filling the whole canvas with diamonds. 

Step 7: Once you are done, frame your painting, capture a picture, and flaunt in your friends. 

Difference Between Round and Square Diamonds 

In diamond painting, you will come across two types of diamond shapes, normally referred to as round drills and square drills. The term drill depicts diamonds. You can choose any one of them for your painting. Whichever shape you choose, it won’t affect your painting much, but there are some differences in both shapes. 

Square Drill 

As the name suggests, these are square-shaped diamonds. They are helpful in: 

Creating a complete looking and fuller painting 

Many people find square drill diamonds a bit cleaner than round drill diamonds. Square-shaped diamonds are easy to line-up and provide a fuller mosaic look. 

Easy snapping into place 

Many times the smallest of the techniques work magic in painting. Square diamonds are more likely to fill up the gaps in painting and create a more satisfying snap. 

Round Drill 

These diamonds also have an advantage over square drills. Round drills have a tendency to be easily picked up. The transition of round drills to the pen is effortless because these diamonds easily stick-up to the pen. However, they provide a less complete view of the painting. Round drills do not fill up the gaps in painting. 

Tips and Tricks to Make a Beautiful Diamond Painting 

  • All the canvases are usually sold with a plastic cover or paper parchment on them. This is typically done to preserve the stickiness. Removing the coating all at once will affect the stickiness of your canvas. It is better to peel the plastic slowly as you work your way up the design. So, the first tip would be: Do not take out the covering of your canvas all at once. 
  • Organizing the diamonds in egg cartons would help you a lot. You can keep different color diamonds in other spaces in egg cartons. This is a cheap and easy way to store and organize diamonds. 
  • If you just forgot to apply the first trick and now regret not doing it just avail this tip, and your canvas will be sticky again. You can use baby wipes on the canvas to make it sticky also. 
  • Creases in the canvas are intolerable. They can occur while the kit is being shipped or when you unroll the canvas. To remove the creases from your canvas, you can:-
  1. Put the canvas under the mattress and try providing the body weight. It will help to iron the canvas completely. 
  2. Secondly, you can put some heavy books on the canvas for a day or two. 
  3. The last option is to cut out the creases with a crafting knife. Sometimes you might come across more stubborn creases. In this case, you are required to cut these creases through an X-Acto knife. 

Where will You Find the Best Quality Diamond Painting Kits? 

When a person thinks of investing money in something, he wants the best quality product. There is a difference between physical and e-shopping. When we buy something physically, we get to check the quality of the product. On the other hand, buying online is a risky choice. Getting a diamond painting kit online can make you suffer from the quality of canvas, diamonds, wax, and pen. However, some websites are more promising in terms of quality and originality. You can get the best quality diamond art kit from: 

Diamond painting .bliss

This website deals with the best quality kits at very affordable prices. You can get an entire kit with every tool necessary for diamond painting at the lowest prices. Moreover, they pack the products very carefully before shipping them to save the products from any damage. 

Diamond painting .art

Promising the right quality product is a huge responsibility. Many websites assure people that they won’t compromise on quality but do not keep up with it—however, diamond painting. Art provides you with your dream diamond painting kit. They have many lovely collections for their customers. 


Once you visit this site, you can’t stop yourself from buying a diamond painting kit. This site has unique kits. They have divided their kits into collections to facilitate their customers. You can find many enchanting collections there, namely Easter, birds, famous places, Christmas, etc. 

Diamond Painting Kit Health Benefits 

Until now, we have discussed diamond painting as a hobby and how we can get good at this hobby. Being a diamond painter, you will always feel yourself as a fantastic artist even if you have never come up with a single painting in your past life. Just take out the kit, fill in the canvas with diamonds, frame the painting, hang it on the wall, and be proud of yourself. This form of painting is more than a fun hobby as it is considered to have many mental and physical health benefits. Here are some surprising benefits that will convince you that diamond painting is a healthy hobby. 

Reduces Stress and Anxiety 

We have stepped into an era where every other person suffers from mental stress and anxiety. People need some relaxation in their lives. Once a person is calm and relaxed, he/she is less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress, which are the ultimate cause of other diseases, and in some cases, they cause death. Diamond painting can help people to reduce stress and anxiety. These painting kits offer creative DIY projects to decompress and relax after a long day or a tiring week. You can think of diamond painting as an art that would help you to meditate. This is also considered a type of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT).

Fine-tunes and Improves Motor Skills 

Who in the world would have ever thought that sticking a diamond to a pen and then to a canvas will increase their focusing ad concentration abilities? When you pick up a 2.5-millimeter diamond tile and place it on the canvas, it improves your hand-to-eye coordination. Moreover, it also flexes your finger and hand muscles. 

Keeps You Away from the Harmful Impacts of Technology 

These days we spend much of our free time unnecessarily on social media platforms. Using social media requires phone usage, laptops, or tablets, which are the ultimate source of weakening eye and brain functionality. Diamond painting provides a creative way of utilizing our free time without damaging our eyes. Once a person chooses diamond painting as his hobby, he will love it more than Instagram or any other social platform.

Consequently, diamond painting is a creative hobby that requires less or no effort. It comprises elementary steps, which are listed above. Diamond painting kits can be found on many online shopping websites. Diamond painting is not just about developing a fun hobby. Besides being a creative activity, it provides many health benefits such as increasing focus and concentration abilities, reducing stress and anxiety, improving motor skills, and relief from hazardous impacts of mobile phones and computers.



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