What Does eSign Mean?

More and more immersed in the digital space and transferring work and business processes there, companies are beginning to use new advanced digital communication tools. One of the most necessary of these tools, without which it would be impossible to legally interact in the digital space, is an electronic signature or eSign.

What is an Electronic Signature and How Necessary is It?

An electronic signature is a way to certify digital documents in various ways:

  • by downloading
  • through drawing
  • by printing

However, it must be understood that if you simply draw your signature on any document with the help of an editor, it will not be valid for official institutions, including courts. For a signature to be legal, it must be well protected by storing its sample on specialized devices. Only those platforms that are certified by all necessary organizations and adhere to government regulations regarding the provision of such services to citizens can provide digital signature services. Of course, you can use the services of any other platform. However, if it comes to challenging any contract in court, neither your signature nor the signature of your partner obtained from non-certified platforms will be considered legally binding.

Will the eSign Provider Control All Documents of My Company?

Providing eSign services does not mean that the platform will completely control your entire workflow. Thanks to the signNow API, you get control over the full cycle of development and approval of all your documents. You simply integrate the document signing software into your workflow and customize it to suit your company’s needs.

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Organize eSigns Collection with the Best Provider signNow

Online platform signNow not only allows you to eSign all your documents in two clicks or send them to your partners for eSigning, but it does much more:

  • Automates all your office work processes. All documentary work will be easier than ever:
  • creation of documents, including contracts
  • making and tracking all changes to them by the parties involved in the preparation of documents
  • negotiation with business partners
  • signing of documents
  • Allows you to store all documents in a systematic way in cloud storage. All employees will have different access rights and rights to make changes to these documents in accordance with the roles that you assign to them.
  • Offers you an extensive library of all kinds of documents that you can apply to your work. Using legally correct templates and clear algorithms of workflow, you incredibly speed up the process of paperwork by eliminating the need for repeated redoing of official papers.
  • Organizes business classes for you at the Academy, attending which you will learn how to optimize your industries or business using the services of electronic signatures and office automation.
  • Allows you to use the full range of services offered in signNow with a mobile application for:
  • Android
  • iOS

Thanks to this feature, you will not be tied to the office. You and other employees will not have to wait until night in the office to receive any important document in order to eSign it on time. You can always do it from your mobile device.

Benefits of Working on Your Documents with signNow

  • Various business plans that allow you to easily strip away unnecessary features, leaving only the essentials at a low monthly fee
  • Safety thanks to:
  • strict data encryption rules
  • scrupulous and responsible audit of the conditions for storing documents and other technical nuances of the platform
  • two-factor authentication, thanks to which you can require that the signers of the document prove their identity in some additional way
  • Highly efficient interface that saves your working time by reducing the number of steps required to eSign a document
  • Team access to documents that are in the process of development and approval. Thanks to this feature, you do not need to spend time sending out all the necessary documentation to your partners and colleagues.
  • Possibility of customization and integration of eSignatures into other systems via API
  • Absolute confidence in the legal integrity of all signatures collected using the signNow platform
  • The ability to use the functions of the platform in any situation thanks to the mobile application
  • Possibility to get rid of paper documents. You will not need to spend money on renting additional premises to store all your sometimes very voluminous documentation. After all, now it will be very close to you in the cloud storage.
  • The safety of all documents cannot be lost due to the mistakes of the employees. Even in the event of a disaster, the company has a plan for recovering documents, since they are all securely stored.

To conquer the digital environment and the electronic way of doing business, you need the perfect tools. eSign obtained using the signNow platform will be your reliable instrument for certifying all documents and guaranteeing them by your partners. In addition, you will receive an ideal cloud infrastructure for organizing the digital space of your documentation and signNow assistance in all necessary matters. Together with reliable and experienced professionals, mastering the digital environment is easier and more efficient!

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