• How Much Does CCNA Exam Cost?

    | Updated on August 24, 2023

    One of the first things a student thinks about before enrolling in a course or appearing for an exam is looking out for its cost and expenses.

    While this is a smart approach to see the cost of expense before spending it, what’s isn’t good is looking out for the answer and not finding it anywhere.

    But we have sorted this problem by answering the ‘how much does CCNA exam cost?’ below for you. have a look at the details and get ready to enroll for the exam soon.

    A Look at the Price

    Let us first tell you that your CCNA exam costs somewhere between 10,000 to 30,000 depending upon the college you opt for to do the CCNA exam course and give the exam.

    And now, let us tell you about the cost of SPOTO CCNA exam dumps. Here is a table that will give you a clear insight into this topic. Have a look below:

            CategoriesExam code  Dump coverageExam question numbers
    CCNA certification200-301100%200+
    CCNA certification200-301100%100+
    CCNA certification200-301100%100+

    And now that you have got the idea of the CCNA exam cost and cost of SPOTO CCNA exam dumps, let us discuss some of the frequently asked questions with you so that you can be more prepared for your upcoming exam.


    Here are a few famous questions with their answers that will help you a lot before, during, and after the exam:

    How Can I Start My Exam?

    To start your exam, you must sign in to your Pearson VUE profile, view your upcoming appointment at the top of your profile and choose “Begin Exam” 30 mins before your exam appointment.

    Are There Any Exam Rules on Personal Belongings Allowed/Not Allowed to the Examinee?

    Yes, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind and during the exam, you will not be allowed to access the following things:

    1. Mobile phones
    2. Headphones or headsets
    3. Handheld computers or other electronic devices
    4. Pagers
    5. Watches
    6. Wallets
    7. Purses,
    8. Hats or other head coverings
    9. Any kinds of bags
    10. Coats
    11. Books, notes, or any paper

    Apart from that, you will also not be allowed to use exam-specific materials or scratch paper, erasable whiteboards, or any other physical writing object, such as a pen, marker, or pencil while giving the exam. But you may have the option to use the whiteboard feature in the OnVUE software while taking the exam online.

    Also, you will have to remove your watches and place them out of sight and reach during the exam. Not following any rules mentioned before or during the exam can lead to exam cancellation.

    Do We Have to Provide ID Proof for the Exam?

    Yes, to sit in the exam, the candidates are required to present a current, unexpired government-issued ID beforehand.

    Also, note that the name on your ID must match the name in your web account profile and your appointment confirmation email.

    Here is a list of acceptable forms of identification that the candidate can provide:

    1. Driver’s license
    2. Military ID
    3. Identification card (national/state/province)
    4. Alien registration card (green card, permanent resident, visa)
    5. Government-issued local language ID card.

    And now that we are done sharing all the information with you, it’s time for us to leave while you prepare for your upcoming exam and read the above-given information again if required.

    To Sum Up:

    There are a lot of instructions that an examinee has to take care of before appearing for an important exam. If you miss any crucial information, you can land into trouble while giving the exam.And just like knowing the exam instructions is important, knowing how much does CCNA exam cost, is important too. And that is why we have shared both the information with you.

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