10 Teenage Room Wallpaper Designs We Love

| Updated on March 21, 2024

It is not easy to design a teenager’s room. Your child’s ideas are now much more apparent. You need to support your child who wants to move forward with their own decisions about the interior design of their room, or maybe you are the young person who researches for a cool graffiti room design. You can create a beautiful space as a family. With the development of wallpaper technology today, wallpapers can be customized according to your needs, any color can be changed. The beautiful wallpapers we have compiled for teen rooms that you want to make modern and stylish according to your taste will look great in boys’ and girls’ rooms.

 1. Drawing Graffiti Artist with Colorful Painting

 With the developing wallpaper technology, the themes that used to be challenging to use in interior design can quickly enter homes. Nowadays, young people find graffiti exciting. Young people who want to bring street art to their room wish to feel the fascinating and exciting part of city life in their living space. You will love this graffiti wall art that will add a contemporary and unique atmosphere to your child’s room. It is also effortless to match with your furniture with its broad color palette.

2. Shining Cartoon Space with White Stripe

  Everyone, big and small, is interested in space. If your child is involved in the area or wants to add depth to place, space-themed teen wallpaper will help you create the atmosphere you are looking for in the room. The dark or dark navy blue sky highlights the other elements and the items in the room and makes a strong impression. Thanks to this effect, you do not need to fill the room with many things, and your child will have more room for movement in the living area.

 3. Vintage Wave Drawing

 Imagine the stunning shades of nature in the child room. This teen wallpaper design can be used along the wall, and the larger the area, the more impact the plan will have on the space. This type of design, which will add an emotional feel to the teen room, provides an excellent backdrop for the furniture’s posture. If you think that the room’s items remain uniform because your child grows up, you can add vitality to space with this design.

 4. 3D Look Moon Landscape with Cute Kids

The huge trees in this design, which will be an excellent choice for young people who want to create an unusual look in the bedroom, add depth to the room. This teenager wallpaper design will show both the ceiling height and the wall width, and it will provide a spacious look to your space.

 5. Street Effect

 With the red color, you can bring a bold effect to your child’s living space. With the magnificent meeting of red and green, your child’s imagination will increase. Simultaneously, such a comfortable and eye-catching graffiti wall mural will highlight your interest in original designs. You can easily use this design on a small or large wall. If you want to create an eclectic theme, you should try this design. 

 6. Sweet Home

You can enhance the style of your child’s room with originality and creativity with this cool graffiti wallpaper that is reminiscent of real street art. The design will complement your interior while creating a magnificent backdrop for your colorful furniture with bold colors. It will be an excellent design alternative for you as it will increase the energy of your child’s room.

 7. Retro Classic Car with Graffiti

 If you like retro cars and street art, this teenager wallpaper that anyone sees will love it, and this design will be your child’s favorite. Combining a great classic car with street art will add the color and energy you desire to your child’s room. The vehicle coming out of the bricks will add depth to the room, and the distribution of the bricks on the bed will make it look wider.

8. Abstract Graffiti

When traveling around the world or in our city, street art catches our attention, and we love it very much. With different wall textures and color palettes, you can create a spectacular feature wall in the teenager’s room. Every teenager loves a contemporary look. Whether you want your child to feel more adult, or for inspiration. This graffiti wall art design is versatile and makes the young room look more dynamic than it is. The color palette of the mural will be integrated no matter what your interior decoration is.

9. Street Art

You can encounter graffiti art in all the coolest cities in the world. If your child wants a graffiti wallpaper in their room, carrying this effect to the teenager’s place in this modern age will first increase the room’s energy, and then you’re home. It will be straightforward for you to create an urban look with a soft color palette in your teen room. You can make the room’s wall appear wider while bringing the texture of the city to the room. Layered color transitions and brick texture in the design will help you achieve this broad view quickly.

10. Music

Your child has started to grow, and their preferences are becoming more apparent. If he’s a music lover and with a theme like this, you can support his style while adding a splash of color to his room. This cool graffiti design is simple but very original, and it can fit well with solid colored furniture or colorful furniture. At the same time, it will add a contemporary atmosphere to the area it is added. You can make your child’s living space unforgettable for him and his guests. At the same time, this design with a light color background will brighten the area used. 

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