What is Shopify and what is its advantage?

| Updated on March 22, 2024

For young entrepreneurs, the Shopify platform has become the best solution, since, unlike analogues, Shopify requires minimal practical skills and knowledge to design E-commerce projects. For example, unlike Magento, the user does not need to worry about buying a domain name and hosting from third-party companies, and then spend time integrating the domain with the product on the platform.

Of course, there are other website builders on the market, such as Weebly or Wix. Compared to peers, Shopify has better agility, performance, and product scalability. Today, there are millions of projects on the Shopify platform network: from the simplest online stores and landing pages to large retail stores. That is why Shopify website development services are in high demand and popular.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a software platform, a service that allows you to develop your own selling website in a short time and maintain its functioning, subject to the fulfillment of payment obligations by the customer. The service is characterized by the simplest management, high productivity, and stable operation.

The platform provides all the necessary tools for designing a website and subsequent promotion, including SEO optimization, content management, integration of payment systems, and third-party services.

Shopify started its history in Canada in 2006. Since its inception, the platform has come a long way in transformation and development. Today it is a system with millions of registered users around the world, one of the largest online platforms for designing E-commerce projects.

According to the development team, the service serves more than a million online stores. In the simple solutions segment, Shopify has steady popularity. If a user needs to quickly develop their online marketplace, create a simple landing page, or launch a one-page selling business card site Shopify will be a great, timely solution.

Benefits of the Shopify Service

Millions of online store owners have already appreciated the advantages of the service. Among the main ones are:

• Easy installation, ease of use. Shopify offers its customers a convenient service for designing an online store in a matter of hours. A simple and understandable interface, easy navigation, online tips, access to training materials, and around-the-clock support service will allow you to launch your project online in the shortest possible time.

• Service maintenance. A complex of questions on domain registration, hosting settings, and other technical details are taken care of by technical support. The client only needs to choose a template, prepare content, and photos of goods, and you can draw up a catalog. Shopify automatically updates and installs security systems, so that the client can only focus on the design of the site pages.

• Reliability and stable operation. Shopify supports state-of-the-art security technologies. Taking into account the fact that the client uses payment systems, the platform provides information encryption protocols, cache cleaning, and anti-virus databases, which minimizes the potential risks of losing your data or information about clients.

• Responsive design and extensive customization options. Like any platform technology, Shopify offers themes (templates) for any product niches. The client can choose a theme from the list of available templates, and then design it to his own style and taste. Before choosing, you can evaluate the preview and ask in advance for the topic, based on the characteristics of the business. Also, customers have access to a wide range of options for unique sizing of the selected “engine”. To do this, you can change the page structure, integrate payment systems, and third-party services, add individual settings and give uniqueness to each module, group of objects, or page.

Shopify is perfect for young startups and entrepreneurs on a budget. To use the platform, you do not need knowledge in programming or web application development. It is enough for the client to have a commercial idea, prepare content, choose a topic and start his business online. You can read more about the benefits here: https://digitalsuits.co/services/shopify-development-company/.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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