What Makes Relationships Successful and Long Lasting? 

| Updated on March 26, 2024
  • Have you ever asked yourself?
  • What is the key to a happy relationship?
  • Why were you choosing the wrong partners all the time?
  • Why Up to now all relationships situations drama had been repeating again and again.
  • And Maybe you struggle to find a good life partner but dating apps bring no desirable result… then what to do?

All those questions (with the proven solutions on how to improve them) will be answered by one of our great experts Katrina ELbahey.

Katrina ELbahey

Katrina holds Masters’s Degree in Practical psychology and yet, she is CEO and founder of https://www.1matching.com/, a well-known International Matchmaking company that successfully combines Practical psychology sessions along with a Professional High-End Matchmaking program.


Dear Friends, a lot has been written already on the subject of relationships. I think that Communication, first of all, is the key to a happy relationship.

 By that, we don’t just mean telling your partner what you like or don’t like.

Good communication is also about setting ground rules about how you communicate, what you expect from your partner, and how you deal with the way your partner behaves. If you can’t be clear about all this stuff, you will find it difficult to turn a negative relationship into a positive one. Needless to say, healthy and harmonious relationships are always being based on real respect and trust but what is respect? What are the main rules to follow to achieve that respect? Let’s find out….

So, the Main Relationship Rules Are

1- Never tell your partner “You are doing that badly, do better!”

2- Don’t call your partner names (even if you had a fight): Fat, dumb, ugly, e.t.c.

3- Don’t ask him/her questions in an insulting way

4- Learn to apologize

5- Never judge a book by its cover, never say bad words about your partner’s looks or clothing e.t.c.

6- Always make your partner feel important, not like a “nothing”, show that you care about his/her feelings by expressing concern e.t.c.

7- Don’t make him/her feel worse if he/she does something wrong- this isn’t a battle, this is a relationship

8- Learn to support your partner, as Bible says: in good and bad times…

9- Don’t get frustrated with your partner e.t.c.

10-   If you have a fight with your partner- never go to his/her house alone, bring your roommate/friend or a family member with you.

11- Don’t ever let your partner find out about your personal problems, deal with that yourself, it’s only your responsibility!

12- Never talk about your partner’s personal life if she/he asked you to never discuss his/her

This list can go and go but we have much more to offer to your attention if you check out this article.

Why Were You Choosing the Wrong Partners All the Time?

  •  Why was my partner getting tired of me after only two years of being in a relationship with him?
  • Why was my boyfriend leaving me to stay with his ex-girlfriend?
  •  Why did my wife stop loving me?
  • Why was it that the man who was always taking care of me and who loved me more than anybody else, why was it that he had changed?
  • -Why was I suffering so much from a relationship….  Do all those questions sound familiar? Unfortunately, many people can not find the right answer …

The majority of problems come when people are not willing to learn… not willing to read and study. Who said that you should make an effort in getting the University Dg but not in another sphere of your life such as building up relationships?

So You Are Stuck with Picking Up Wrong Partners All the Time Because:

1 You do not know how to learn to have an objective view of the problems in your relationships with the partners

2. You do not know how to be more clear and patient. How to learn to be tolerant, forgiving, understanding

I try to read as much as I can about what happens to us when we are in relationships with others and I believe I know a lot about that. My advice: Address to the certified psychologist whom you might need just several sessions with to understand the basis of your problem and how to treat them. Make sure a psychologist will provide you with specific literature and training practices that will help you to fix your problem.
Or you can find a lot of helpful literature on Amazone, for example…

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