• 6 Scenic Locations for All-Season Camping

    | Updated on May 16, 2023

    We all know camping is fun and adds up a lot to our physical and mental health. Whether it’s the opportunity to explore a new place or make time for your loved ones far from the hassle of the city’s crowd, in nature. Though camping is also a hobby for most people. 

    You can camp at any season of the year from spring, fall, sunny summers to winters. Depending on the locations, some campsites are open during summer and autumn, while some are available during the chilly winters and snowfalls. 

    However, some locations are open for visitors throughout the year as well. One cool thing about these locations is that they give a whole new visual experience to the visitors during changing seasons. 

    So, if you’re interested in any location and planning a trip to camp with your friends or family, it’s time to get prepared with all the necessary pieces of equipment such as four-season tents, mattresses, etc. 

    Or if you haven’t decided yet where to head, we will suggest 6 interesting and astonishing places accessible at any season of the year in the USA that you must add to your bucket list and visit at least once. 

    Valley of Fire, NV

    Situated in Clark County, Nevada, a state of the United States, Valley of Fire state park is a mere 45 minutes drive from Las Vegas. This valley derives its name from the red sandstones it offers in the middle of the desert. These sandstones make this campground unique from other places.

    It has two campgrounds, the first is cleared from spring to autumn season, while the other gate is open to the public all year round. The one good thing about the field is you don’t need to reserve a spot for camping here, you can camp at any available area. 

    The Valley of Fire is a result of an extensive erosion in the area which created the present landscape. The broken walls and rocky floors of the park contain sand dunes for more than 150 million years. This is what makes it a scenic and unique beauty. 

    Big Bend, TX

    Touching the borders of Mexico, Big Band national park is an American national park located in West Texas. This estate is also accessible throughout the year. It  holds nationwide significance, as it is the largest protected area of the Chihuahuan Desert in the United States. 

    This place is not only fascinating but offers a wide range of activities for vacationers as well. From hiking and rafting to Kayaking and canoeing, it provides a variety of fun stuff. If you’re a watersport lover, then this estate has a lot for you and you’ll definitely love it. 

    Not only the activities but you can also walk through nature like through wonderful mountains and river landscapes here which will make your experience unforgettable. There are three campgrounds in the area, however, you’ll be required to book a spot in advance. 

    Denali National Park, AK

    Located in the Interior Alaska, and formerly known as Mount McKinley national park, Denali is a national park and reserve, and the highest peak in North America. Denali is a mixture of the forest at lower altitudes, Taiga and Tundra at middle altitudes, and snow glaciers at the top altitude. 

    If you’re interested in visiting or exploring an amazing and diverse place, then Denali is one great option to make your dream come true. 

    There are five campsites in total available for the campers, so it provides a variety of choices on where you wish to stay. This place offers the highest peak, McKinley, a vast forest area to roam around (spread over 6 million acres) filled with breathtaking scenery, wildlife, hiking trails, and astonishing scenic beauty that Alaska is famous for. 

    The primary thing for which you should be prepared while planning to go there during the winter season is keeping the camping gear and tent supplies and experiencing an unforgettable journey through the country’s northernmost state. 

    Arches National Park, UT

    Situated in Eastern Utah, in the United States, Arches national park is another scenic location with a rocky landscape. Though the area is open any time of the year, the winters are considered special to visit as it offers a mesmerizing view of snow covers on the top of the red rocks. 

    The place provides an alluring view of natural bridges, windows, spires, and balanced rocks. It also contains the highest density of arches in the world. The highest altitude of the estate is around 5,653 ft. and the lowest altitude is 4,085 ft. Along with the natural beauty you can enjoy hiking. 

    If you’re planning your next trip to the Arches nationwide park make sure you book your spot in advance during the spring to mid-autumn season. While visiting here in winter will not require you to book spots. 

    Acadia National Park, ME

    Acadia national park is based on Mount Desert Island, along the mid-section of the Maine Coast, southwest of Bar Harbour. This place protects the natural beauty of rocky headlands, including the highest mountains along the Atlantic coast. 

    Here you can find over 50,000 acres of forest, many lakes, and miles of scenic trails that will take you back to nature. It provides five different campsites, so you can choose the perfect area where you can spend time with your family and friends. 

    With the diversified nature throughout the year, this place deserves the first rank among the best. It is also considered the crown jewel of the Pine Tree state. 

    Haleakalā National Park, HI

    In the state of Hawaii, on the island of Maui, the Haleakala national park is situated. This area was named after a dormant volcano Haleakala within its boundaries. It covers an area of 33,265 acres of land of which 24,719 acres are wilderness. 

    This estate is perfect for people who are not very fond of cold winter weather. You can admire the beauty of these landscapes from the top of a dormant volcano. And nature in Hawaii doesn’t need any explanation for the visual impressions it offers. 

    Also, the park provides several grounds to camp, so you can choose wherever you wish to stay. You can rent small cabins here as well. This place is worth considering as it offers visitors permission to stay for three nights (per 30 days). However, even 3 nights will be enough for you to have a good rest and get to see the beautiful views in Hawaii!

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