Which Leather Concealed Carry Holster is Right for You?

| Updated on March 28, 2024

The aim of your holster is to protect your pistol, to allow you to carry it safely when not in use, and to shield your body from the harsh and unpleasant feel of metal. All of these functions are beautifully performed by leather, and some may even argue that it is superior to any other material. A leather holster will conform to your gun. As a result, you do not have to be concerned about pistol size while purchasing a leather holster.

If you have a lot of guns and like to carry them all the time, leather holsters are a good investment. Finding the right place to shop for concealed carry holsters can be time-consuming and costly. Here is a quick rundown of some of the best comfortable leather holsters to save you some time (and money).

Muddy River Tactical Leather Holster

Muddy River outside-the-waistband holster is made entirely of great-quality buffalo leather in the United States. This leather is among the most gentle yet sturdy leathers available, measuring almost three times the thickness of cowhide. The leather is a soft, comfortable holster material that can be worn all day. It has a  sweat shield and provides a larger surface area for your holster to rest against, giving it a comfortable fit. 

When worn with a strong-side hip holster, this holster has a 10-degree forward angle, which is more snug compared to a straight cant. Because the bottom grip of your gun does not stand out more in that angle, it can also help conceal your weapon more effectively. It is available in right- or left-hand configuration and fits a wide range of firearms, from pistols to smaller subcompacts.

Galco Front Pocket Holster

The Galco Front Pocket Holster is constructed of exquisite horsehide leather that has been molded and textured to properly conceal your handgun while yet allowing you to draw using one hand. It is intended for use in a front pocket of pants, but it also works well in a jacket pocket. It is convenient and simple to use, whether you are carrying it as your primary concealed carry weapon or as a backup. A wide range of this holster for tiny handguns and revolvers are available in a variety of types.

Slide Guard Leather Holster

The Slide Guard is made of full-grain leather of the best quality, giving it a luxurious appearance. This leather gun holster is tailored to the gun you order and allows for a speedier draw. It has a slide guard, which prevents you from touching the slide, hammer, or sight.

For a secure fit, the holster is expertly hand-molded. It also boasts double stitched seams, an open muzzle design, a 15-degree forward angle, a closed trigger guard, and a draw tension screw. This leather holster comes in a variety of cowhide finishes, including tan, black, and natural, as well as lined and unlined options to suit your taste and preference.

Tail Gunner Leather Holster

The innovative stabilizer wing on this leather gun holster ensures that the holster does not rotate or shift places. The Tail Gunner holster has a rough side-out design for extra grip on the outside, as well as an all-steel reverse J clip that secures to your belt or pants. The Tail Gunner has a leather lining on the interior of the holster for a very smooth draw. It also has a synthetic reinforced holster opening that is crush-resistant for one-handed reholstering and combat grip accessibility, which is essential for speed while drawing.

Stingray Leather Holster

The Stingray is specially created for your rifle and enables a speedier draw. This leather holster is still a higher ride, but the leather cut-out slots have been replaced with great-density poly-built belt loops, making for a better-concealed holster. It also features a slide guard that protects the slide, hammer, and rear sight from contact on the Stingray. The holster has double-stitched seams, an ideal forward angle, a closed trigger guard, an open muzzle design, and a draw tension screw to fit your needs.

There are numerous ways and methods for carrying a concealed weapon. It makes little difference whatever one you prefer as long as it is practical and secures your pistol, allowing you to draw and reholster safely. Try multiple models and explore as much as you can until you discover the appropriate carry holster and position for you.

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