How to Keep Your Cell Phone Safe from Damage?

| Updated on March 1, 2024
Keep Your Cell Phone Safe from Damage

Your cell phone is a lifeline when you use it for work, keeping in touch with family, and staying safe. The last thing you need is for it to break, cutting you off from your paycheck or emergency services. Keep scrolling to find out how you can prevent this from happening. 

Practicing Safe Cell Phone Handling is a Must

Unlike a laptop or desktop computer, your cell phone isn’t cheap to repair. In many cases, it’s more expensive to repair the water damage or a cracked screen than it is to buy a new phone.

That doesn’t make this replacement cheap, especially if you want to avoid budget phones riddled with bugs and glitches. The average flagship costs around $1,000 upfront, or you have the option to finance the retail price and split its cost over multiple bills. 

Your phone is a costly monthly expense without even adding this financing into the mix. Whether you live in Alaska or Tennessee, the average cell phone plan costs $70 per month across the US. That adds up to $840 on top of your usual utilities!

Affording a new phone is easier when you have an emergency fund, but let’s be honest — you usually break your phone at the worst possible time, like when you don’t have savings. 

If an emergency phone replacement is on the books before your finances are ready, consider looking for an online loan originating from your state. That means, if you live in Tennessee, you should type this phrase in your search engine: online loans Tennessee. If you live somewhere else, you can sub in your state at the end. 

The results will include a variety of online loans in Tennessee that can help you cover this unexpected emergency expense without delay, provided you qualify. Keep in mind that you should only take out a loan to replace or fix your phone if it’s essential to your well-being in some way.

How to Avoid Replacements and Protect Your Phone

Wouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t have to hunt down the best online loans Tennessee has to offer so that you can afford a new phone? Follow these tips to protect your mobile from damage. 

Invest in Gear

A case and screen protector keeps your mobile clean and protect it from damage, preventing a shattered screen and cracks in the delicate internal hardware. Without a protective case enveloping your phone, you could break it any time it falls off a counter or slides off the couch.

Keep it in a Designated Spot

Plenty of damage-causing falls happen after you misplace your phone. In your frantic search to find it, you can shake out blankets or pillows, catapulting your phone to the ground. Keep track of your cell by returning your mobile to a safe spot in your home whenever you’re not using it. 

Don’t Bring it into the Bathroom

Keeping your mobile out of the bathroom reduces the chances of water damage, either from humid showers or dropping it into the toilet. You’ll also eliminate the risk of dropping it on the hard tile flooring. 

The Takeaway

You don’t have to keep your phone under lock and key to protect it. Subtle changes to the way you use it can keep it safe.

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