Does Topspot 101 Allow You to Post Reviews Anonymously

| Updated on March 28, 2024


In the age of web 2.0 when participatory culture is on the rise, there is an increasing need for quality business directories that not only let customers know about businesses they can utilize but also let them leave reviews so others can benefit from further information regarding the listed businesses. While this need is being fulfilled by citation sites popping up, very few of them have reviews sections that provide a pleasant experience for the users. This is because reviews are often irrelevant or, worse, offensive or they are, in some cases, not even genuine! 

A Promising Business Directory

Topspot 101 has come to be known as a reputable business directory for US-based businesses. This is because of a variety of reasons. Firstly, through a comprehensive verification process, it lists only those businesses that are licensed and whose workers have a track record of delivering services. This way, potential customers are lured in knowing they can trust every business listed on Topspot 101. Businesses then benefit from increased visibility and, thus, increased sales. In fact, having your business listed on reliable business directories such as Topspot 101 has also been proven to help your business pop up higher on search engine results pages. 

Topspot 101’s Participatory Culture

Another reason for the success of the platform is more relevant to the title of this blog – resourceful participatory culture. Reviews on Topspot 101 are vetted for conformity with community guidelines and authenticity. Through a multitude of smart systems and a dedicated team, Topspot 101 makes sure every review posted is not only genuine but is also constructive, providing a better experience for the user. On its website, the platform clearly states that reviews must not be irrelevant or offensive if they are going to be published. Perhaps, the biggest reason for Topspot 101’s success is its understanding of just how much consumers rely on reviews. After all, if I, as a consumer, know that a business directory exists that will provide me with honest feedback about a company, I would be lured to it as well!

Registration Required for Posting Reviews

The discussion of the vetting of reviews and the increased willingness of consumers to utilize Topspot 101 brings us to how a layman can take part in the platform’s participatory culture. A deeper check on reviews can only be kept by making everyone posting those reviews go through a registration process. Fortunately, Topspot 101’s registration process is simple and short; neither will it require you to spend a lot of brainpower nor will it require you to spend a lot of time. 

The Registration Process

On the home page of the website of the platform right below the capitalized name of the company, there is a registration button. By pressing that, you will be prompted to fill out a small online form that prompts you to create a password and asks you for your name and email as well as your phone number. Once you fill out that form, you will become a Topspot 101 registered user upon the completion of a short verification step. Alongside the form, the web page also provides you with options to “connect with Facebook” and “connect with LinkedIn.” If you chose those options, the platform will automatically gather the data required for registration from the said social media platform, making the process even simpler. The best part is you do not have to pay a cent to register; the process of getting registered on Topspot 101 is absolutely free.


In short, no, reviews cannot be posted anonymously on Topspot 101; you need to be a registered user of the platform to post those reviews. While this process may be framed as an unnecessary hassle by some, it is important to consider the simplicity and briefness of the registration process and just how beneficial it is for the community. The advantages of having reviews vetted not only for authenticity but also for relevance and pleasantness may very well outweigh the costs of having to go through a simple, short, and free registration process.

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