Offshore Company: Your Spaceship in the Big Business Space

| Updated on February 26, 2024

The market of offshore companies formation shows no signs of dwindling in 2023, and their popularity as really efficient business tools is expected to remain just as high for some time ahead – enough to make plans, which is a valuable thing in the unstable present-day world.

In this post, we are going to talk about the benefits of an offshore company, the choice of destination, its legitimacy, and the steps required to get your business going. However, a journey into the unknown is always better if you have an experienced guide. We at Offshore Pro Group can give you all the assistance you need on the way – contact us to incorporate an offshore company or open a business account for it.

Gifts of the offshore

  • The world is becoming a place where you need to be mobile and flexible to ensure the well-being of your loved ones – and yourself, of course. Hence the popularity of Plan B solutions, and starting an offshore company and running it online is one of them. Powered by second passports for the whole family, it will create a safe airfield to land in case of major unfavorable events.
  • Digital nomads are a special caste that has its own requirements for the offshore destination: the natural or urban environment that meets their current needs, the communication opportunities that provide acceptable working conditions, and the possibility to incorporate an offshore company at an affordable cost combined with pro-business conditions. And they can get it all in one place if they choose the place carefully!
  • There are also people who turn to offshores to get rid of some drawbacks back home (or in the country of current residence) that make their life less satisfying than it could be: heavy tax burden, annual reporting, poor asset protection, or insufficient information confidentiality.

In 2022, our consultants had a list of over 100 destinations to offer for you to set up an offshore company, and they can really shortlist a few options that will hit the target. Look at the impressive range of what we can do for offshore service companies to launch your business in no time – and book a free session with our experts to set the ball rolling.

Let’s Choose a Destination

Here are some considerations on the jurisdiction to choose depending on what your company will do:

  • Intend to trade with China? You can opt for Hong Kong or Singapore.
  • Interested in doing business with US partners? You can either form a company in the US states we mentioned above – or else in Costa Rica, Panama, or the Caribbean region.
  • Do you set asset protection as your top priority? Nevis and Belize are the strongholds to consider.
  • Is it gambling you want to be engaged in? Look at Curacao and Costa Rica, the traditional destinations used for this purpose.
  • Finally, if you are going to develop in the financial area, we can offer the UK, Estonia, or Luxembourg.

This is just one of the factors that should be taken into account to choose the jurisdiction competently. One of the goals set by our team sounds like this: you should not regret your choice in 99% of cases (let’s leave an honest 1% for the force majeure).

Well, What About Legitimacy?

An offshore company is just as legitimate as any other business entity provided that the activity you conduct does not infringe the law. However, we advise you to check your domestic legislation: some countries will oblige you to declare that you own a company abroad, and failure to provide this information may put you outside the law.

What you need to do is to properly complete the registration and incorporation procedures:

  • Registration means that your company is entered into the Register and can be identified by its name.
  • Incorporation refers to receiving the status of a standalone entity and the rights to have protection for its company name.

A registered address in the jurisdiction where the offshore company was formed is another marker of its legitimacy.

As for the taxes, the entity has the right to lower (or zero) rates only if it conducts business outside the country of incorporation.

If you violate any of the above features, your offshore company may have trouble with the law – not due to its “offshore” status but just because rules are rules. And we at Offshore Pro Group know the protocol of offshore company formation well enough to be your reliable guides in the process and prevent any negative legal consequences.

Steps Required to Set Up an Offshore Company

How long does it take to get a fully operational company? At least two weeks on average if you complete the required steps fast enough. Here is what you will be required to do:

Thinking, Planning, Analyzing…

You will need to ask yourself the right questions and find the answers to them:

  • Which jurisdiction will suit me best?
  • What benefits will I get there?
  • What risks will I possibly face?
  • What is the purpose of company creation and what features will I need to serve it?
  • What market am I going to target?
  • What bank will I use and for what purposes (transfers, loans, etc)?


This step includes choosing a compliant company name, preparation of documents, renting an office, hiring a Registered Agent, opening a bank account, and so on. You can have all these in Offshore Pro Group’s turnkey package offers that are perfectly suited for those who value their time.

Time to Pay Fees

Fees for offshore company registration differ greatly from country to country, and they may even be changed from year to year within one jurisdiction! You can rely on our experts to get up-to-date information or try getting them online. 

As you see, an offshore company can be a great tool if you establish it competently. Click on one of the links above if you need help.

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