Meta is Testing Messaging Capabilities for Threads

| Updated on April 16, 2024

Threads has more than 130 million users on its platform but still lacks some of the key social media features. One of the biggest missing features on Threads is direct messaging. 

Users often complain that Threads doesn’t have the same feature set as other similar social media platforms. People who want to see a direct messaging feature on Threads may soon have good news. 

The company is testing new direct messaging capabilities on Threads, where users will be able to send messages to other Threads users. 

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Meta is starting to test a new messaging feature that will rely on Instagram’s inbox but the messages will be initiated from the Threads app. This feature is already live for a few users, who reported seeing a “Message” button right next to the “Following” button. 

A spokesperson from Meta confirmed this change by saying that Threads was “testing the ability to send a message from Threads to Instagram.”

Currently, Threads doesn’t have its own inbox. There is no clarity on whether there will ever be an inbox on Threads. 

Instagram and Threads head, Adam Mosseri has said multiple times that there is no need to create separate inboxes for Threads. He would rather make the Instagram inbox work in Threads. 

Looks like that is becoming a reality. The company spokesperson further elaborates that “this is not a test of DMs on Threads.”

Well, it is not a bad thing that you can send messages from Threads. However, the user on the other end would have to go to their Instagram account to view or reply to the message. 

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer