Maximizing Sales During The Valentine’s Day

| Updated on October 6, 2023

With the dawn of February, people (or may we say lovers) are constantly pondering about the gifts for Valentine’s Day. Truth be told, it’s a great opportunity for businesses because it’s the major sales data for the retailers. According to the reports of 2020, Valentine’s Day sales spiked to $20 billion for the United States. Apart from ensuring custom boxes and packaging, we have added various factors that help maximize sales during Valentine’s Day! 

Understanding The Buyer Trends 

In the first place, understanding the inventory is essential because it helps outline which products are suited for Valentine’s Day. Once you figure out the inventory, you will have complete information about the products that can be pushed for the marketing campaigns. Usually, these products include flowers, clothing, jewelry, travel options, hotel bookings, dining, candy, and greeting cards. The Valentine’s Day shopping trends have immensely transformed over the course of time. 

This is because Valentine’s Day isn’t only for romance anymore because people are spending on their pets, kids, and family members, and even themselves. For instance, if your business revolves around pet products, know that people love their pets and would surely spend on their pet loved ones; all you need to do is tweak the strategy. Similarly, Valentine’s Day shopping is always less planned since the majority of consumers shop during early February, so it’s not late. 

Valentine’s Day Promotions

Winning sales during the high shopping trend or period are pretty easy because you can engage the audience with Valentine’s Day-specific promotions. These promotions motivate them to buy from you rather than the competitors who are still trying to make sales at full prices or without promotions. As far as the sales promotions are concerned, they are available in a specific percentage of discount but some other options include free shipping, complimentary gift wrapping, or a gift with order.

Modern-day shoppers will absolutely love these perks, hence higher incentives and sales for your brand. In addition, you could offer valuable incentives to the purchase. On the contrary, there are onsite prompts, such as banner messages and pop-ups that drive higher conversion rates during Valentine’s Day. If you have the sales team at your business, it’s best to let them do the conversion thing and earn the profits. 

Provide Gift Ideas 

Personally, we all struggle to find the right gifts and Valentine’s Day shoppers struggle with the same. This is because they usually have lesser direction or idea on what to purchase for their loved ones. However, it can serve as a perfect plan to do seasonal content marketing. This strategy revolves around utilizing Valentine’s Day products and gift ideas from your own inventory. 

For this purpose, you could create a series of various blog posts or you can also create a buying guide with various gift ideas. It’s best to add the gift ideas for friends and pets, along with the boyfriends and girlfriends. While you add the gift idea, don’t forget to attach the link of your products and the custom boxes and packaging by WeCustomBoxes. It is essential because it enhances purchases. 

Convenience For The Shoppers

Truth be told, we have already mentioned that people have a very little idea of what they want to buy for Valentine’s Day and they are always seeking direction or help. As a business, you can increase the chances of maximizing sales by providing that shopping experience. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it curates the high conversion rate. 

In simpler words, the customers can be retained when you make things easy for them. For this purpose, you could add the collections of landing pages that revolve around Valentine’s Day. If you want to take it to another level, you could classify the products according to the price, product type, gender, or type of personality. 

Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

Believe it or not, you might believe that the Valentine’s Day shoppers are trying to skimp on the gift but it’s not true. This is when you can utilize the up-selling and cross-selling techniques because it increases the chances of increasing the order size. According to the insights, 39% of such shoppers have a budget of around $50, so create the promotions accordingly. 

Free Shipping

It doesn’t matter if a person can afford to buy the $500 gift, they will always be skeptical about paying $10 shipping charges. So, if you want the customers’ visit to stand out at your visit, you need to ensure that they are engaged with the promotion, and what can be better than free shipping? On the contrary, if your business cannot afford free shipping on all orders, you can implement the free shipping threshold, so customers have to spend a minimum amount to achieve free shipping. So, implement these tips and watch the sales go higher!

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