Why Start Using Plant Identifiers? TOP Reasons

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Switching to modern technologies and approaches is a trend that exists nearly in any industry. This approach works best for life also, even for some things that you can’t even imagine. Many users don’t know about the option of using plant identification apps to expand their collections and find more about concrete samples. Are you not using these apps yet? Here are good reasons why you should start doing this by having your iPhone or another smartphone only.

Why to Use it? All Benefits of Using Plant Identifier

If you are passionate about plants, have formed, or are simply starting to think about forming your personal collection, having an app for plant identification will serve you well for that purpose. How? Let’s list all benefits one by one.

  • It is a good thing when you enter any plant store and see the title of each sample placed there for sale. But, that is not an always available option. You may go somewhere and notice a plant that fascinates you. There may be zero information about the title and characteristics of this sample you find good. Having an app for identifiers is a good solution in this situation. You may easily take a photo and use an app to find out the title of a plant you are interested in.
  • A lack of information about a target plant is a temporary inconvenience only. It is a frequent case when a plant lover has gained a new sample in one’s collection with zero information about how to arrange care for it. In this case, an iPhone or other smartphone equipped with a plant identification tool may easily help with that. A user needs only take a photo and review the results of searches about a target plant that interests such a user.
  • When nothing works, it is always a good idea to ask somebody professional or at least experienced. You should also know that any good plant identification app also provides an access to the community of plant lovers. These are professionals or simply experienced in these issues. They can give useful pieces of advice to users when something doesn’t work. And this communication is possible to arrange to have an iPhone or any other smartphone at hand only. 
  • Lots of hours are saved thanks to using an app. You may review for a long time all peculiarities of a target plant you have nearby: its shape, size, leaves, flowers, and similar things trying to find out what kind of plant it is. Using an app for identifiers can shorten the amount of time required and provide an outcome of searches in a few minutes only. That is a much more convenient option compared with reviewing dozens of books and surfing through the Internet to find your samples. Switch from the old-fashioned to modern ways of searching the info.

These are the closest benefits that a good plant identification app can introduce. If you need concrete examples of tools that can help you with arranging a good collection, here is one sample with extended functionality.


Want to Make Each Plant Detected? Use This Tool!

The tool to recommend in this case is a Lily app. It is probably the best plant identifier houseplant for many reasons. Why? To make a long story short – it combines lots of features. It is a 100% all-in-one tool. Here is how it can help you:

  1. Detect plants in a couple of minutes. Take a photo using your device. The rest of the searching thing this app will complete instead of you. 
  2. Get an extensive description of all plants that interest you. It is never enough to have a title of a plant that interests you only. You need to have a description about it, all care routines needed for it, tips, etc. This app will provide comprehensive info about a plant you are fond of.
  3. Get more suggestions from an app. This app can not only help you with identifying what kind of plant is nearby. It will also offer you extra options to review. It can even suggest to you some samples you could not imagine or start searching for on your own.
  4. Communicate with professionals. The app will provide an access to a community of professionals who can share useful info with you. If you can’t find some details anywhere or need some help based on a personal experience, someone from the community of experts can help you.
  5. Get reminders about care routines. Is the situation when forgotten care routines caused some damage to your collection familiar to you? This situation is an easy thing to prevent having a helpful app at hand. You need to set reminders and this app will not allow you to forget about the must-have routines for your collection.

Final Words

If you are a plant lover who wants to fulfill one’s collection and get extensive info about the samples you have, plant identification apps can help with that a lot. Know titles, and care routines, communicate with experienced people, and get convenient reminders about plant care routines in a couple of clicks!

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