In Diablo 2 Resurrected Where Can I Locate the Palace Cellar

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In Diablo 2: Resurrected, the Palace and the dungeon housed within it, known as the Palace Cellar, are two locations that are notoriously difficult to access. 

Fortunately, you will be able to access the respective locations without any hassles, as in this to-the-point article, and we will guide you to the Palace Cellar’s location in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

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Instructions on How to Locate the Palace Cellar in Diablo 2 Resurrected

If you follow all of the necessary procedures, you will be able to visit the Palace, despite the fact that it may at first appear to be a place that you are unable to actually visit. 

You would want to gain access to buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Axes because the Palace itself contains a location known as the Palace Cellar, which has some extremely high-quality equipment.

In order to enter the Palace, which is a prerequisite for going to the Palace Cellar, let’s first go over the process of entering the Palace.

Upon Arrival at the Palace

As soon as you enter the region of the Lost City, an eclipse will begin unexpectedly. That will kick off a quest that is known as Tainted Sun.

You must travel to the town and engage in conversation with Drognan, a non-player character found within the game, in order to finish this quest.

In the northeastern part of the town, you can expect to see him donning a scarlet robe. Simply comply with his instructions in order to finish the Tainted Sun quest.

After that, you should head back to the Palace and have a conversation with Jerhyn outside. He will let you into the Palace and provide you with information about the state of affairs inside.

Instructions on How to Reach the Palace Cellar

The Palace Cellar is located directly below Jerhyn’s Palace, below two levels of the Harem, and beneath Jerhyn’s Palace itself. Rare foods, luxury goods, and wine were some of the things that were stored in these tricky locations.

The other possible application for D2R 2.4 Merc Guide is to provide defense for the ruler and the treasure in the event of an attack.

The Palace Cellar is another location that cannot be accessed on the very first attempt. It can be found in Act II in the section of Lut Gholein that is guarded by the soldiers.

Untill. you have finished some of the associated tasks, the guards here will not allow you to pass through the entrance. After you have finished these tasks, you will be allowed entrance into the Palace Cellar. 

Lastly, you have reached the point in the Sanctuary quest from where you can enter the cellar of the Palace.

The Quest for Sanctuary

The cellar is split up into several levels, and each one houses a distinct assortment of relics and relics. On the level below the cellar’s cellar, you will find an ancient portal that, if you travel through it, will take you to the fabled Arcane Sanctuary.

When you get there, you will discover that the Fire Eye Super Unique Monster is standing guard over this portal, so be careful when you go through it. 

The crazed sorcerer just recently opened this portal, which allowed the hordes of demons that are confined within the Sanctuary to enter the Palace and kill the Harem girls inside.

You will be transported to the Arcane Sanctuary once you step through this portal. Here you can complete the quest.

Because there is also a waypoint concealed in the first level of the Cellar, let’s begin with the first level of the Cellar right now.

Palace Cellar Level 1

On level 1 of the Palace Cellar, there is a small chance of finding a few different items, including the Civerb’s Cudgel, the Civerb’s Ward, and a few others. The following is a list of the various weapons and armor that can be found across the different difficulty levels.

  • Hell’s Spire, a Monument to Honor
  • Complications
  • Palace Cellar Level 2
  • Arms and Protective Clothing
  • On level 2 of the Palace Cellar, there is a small chance of finding a few other items, including the Civerb’s Cudgel and the Civerb’s Ward.
  • The following is a list of the various weapons and armor that can be found across the different difficulty levels.
  • The normComplications
  • The Ward of Civerb
  • Civerb’s Cudgel
  • Horrific dream
  • Complications
  • Butcher’s Pupil
  • Sureshrill
  • Frost
  • Spellsteel
  • Headstriker
  • Witchwild Warspear
  • String
  • The Tower of Honor
  • Hellishly challenging
  • Gimmershred
  • Spike
  • Thorn
  • Frostwind
  • DeathThe cleaver
  • Stormspire
  • Steelrend
  • The Bite of the Gargoyle

There are no bosses to be found in that portion of the Palace Cellar in the resurrected version of Diablo 2.

Palace Cellar Level 3

You will find a quest with a title similar to “Arcane Sanctuary” on the third level of the Palace Cellar. This is a quest that was covered early on in the guide, so before we move on to other topics, let’s take a moment to review what we’ve already covered.

Sanctuary of the Arcane

Simply presenting Cain with the Horadric Staff will allow you to begin this quest. The portal to the Arcane Sanctuary can be found on level 3 of the Palace Cellar, and finding will make Buy D2R Belts very easy for you to finish this quest.

You will be rewarded with access to the Arcane Sanctuary if you are successful in completing this quest. This access is necessary for the completion of quest number five.

Arms and Protective Clothing

Both the Normal and Hell difficulties have their own unique sets of weapons and armor for you to discover.

  • Standard Level of Difficulty
  • The Ward of Civerb
  • The Cudgel of Civerb
  • Hell
  • Complications
  • Gimmershred
  • Spike
  • Thorn
  • Frostwind
  • Death
  • The cleaver
  • Stormspire
  • Steelrend
  • The Bite of the Gargoyle

This level, just like the previous two, does not present you with any bosses for you to defeat.

The Takeaway 

Locating the Palace Cellar may seem perplexing at the first sight albeit, it can be traversed if you obey the directions in order that we have cited in this article. 

You will find the Palace Cellar in Jerhyn’s Palace, underneath the two levels of Harmes protected by guards in the area of Lut Gholein in Act 2nd.

Keep in mind, until you accomplish the task resonating with it, you will not be delighted by the guard to enter the Palace Cellar.

Once you are authorized to traverse through the tricky location, you can complete the Sanctuary quest followed by the Arcane Sanctuary.

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