What are the Latest Innovation in Interior Design?

| Updated on October 5, 2023

The world doesn’t stay in one place, it always moves forward to a brighter future and the interior design sphere isn’t an exception. We don’t pay attention but our homes every year are renewed with new technologies and new solutions for old problems. We already talked about how to take care of your skin, but maybe your home’s comfort also needs to be taken care of? Let’s see closer what you might see in your home in the near future.

So Alike That It is Almost Real

Some time ago you could always say when you are touching or seeing a natural wood and when we are talking about the false one. But now artificial finish and construction materials became so finely made that it is hard to tell if it is really worth choosing the natural ones. Modern technologies are now on such a high level that creating an imitation for the wood or stone became almost an art.  They don’t lose in quality and appearance to the authentic materials and may even have a longer service life.

Smart Glass

This innovation is solving many problems at once. Is it about privacy or is it about the abundance of sunlight? You can change the state of the glass from transparent to opaque.  It features durability and many functions like color changing and level of transparency and light transmission. If you stop your choice on the matte state you can create privacy and hide from the others, so you can forget about the partitions. Or you can hide from the sunlight and even regulate how intense it will be, so you will not need curtains and blinds. 

Also, transparency doesn’t mean that the sun will get to you, it has UV protection.  

Furniture Transformer

Two-in-one furniture is a real find for lovers of minimalism and owners of small apartments. It helps to free up space in the room and makes the room more functional because in the same area there can be a bedroom, which turns into a study for “one-two-three”, or a living room, which at the same time serves as a playing area for the child.

Today, such furniture is an excellent choice for small apartments, which are already hard to imagine without pull-out sofas, folding tables, etc. Cabinet and upholstered furniture-transformer will also help if, for example, it is sometimes necessary to organize additional beds: the sofa installed in the office will turn it into a guest room. You can find some variants on the Ashley furniture.

Laokoon Material

The Hungarian brand Laokoon looked with fresh eyes on the possibilities of the materials and their combinations. They elaborated a unique textile material that is made from movable plates, cork, and plastic. It resulted in the surface that can be bent and stretched and can create an impressive effect that shimmers and overflows like the product is alive. The company has a series of futuristic lamp designs made with different concepts.

Synthetic Resins

Synthetic resins are now widely used in interior design. Tavelone table is elaborated with the help of the colorful resins that are mixed one with another creating subtle contrast and gorgeous design. Another example of the usage of synthetic resins is made by the Cedr/Martini studio. Their table Pangea is inspired by the natural phenomenon stalactite which is full of unrepeatable magick. Repeating its trippy pattern this table represents a sophisticated and outstanding image. 

Warm Plinth 

Aren’t you tired of the boring radiators? But in a situation when we still are in need of their practical trait nowadays can still be found a more stylish replacement. A warm plinth can be a simple and advantageous choice- it doesn’t dry air, it doesn’t collect dust, warmth comes evenly and microorganisms don’t propagate. 



Ecodesign today is the most popular direction in the interior, a symbol of man’s return to nature. A natural, laconic interior, where everything is inspired by the lines and palette of the surrounding nature, has become a real “innovation”, especially relevant for residents of large cities striving for harmony. Today, the “green” philosophy is not just a fashion trend, but a whole life concept of caring and responsible people, and, of course, designers immediately responded to this request.

So, one of their projects – a country house – the Enviso team built exactly on the principles of eco-style, “letting” the surrounding landscape into the house and skillfully combining the textures of northern and Asian nature.

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