The Influence of Essay Writing Services On the Job Market

| Updated on February 26, 2024

We guess you know about the incredible popularity of custom writing essay services. You can surely see tons of online requests that look like this – What service can write my essays? Smart learners know that special platforms have qualified writers and editors who can easily cope with all essays and other academic papers. They help students to improve their skills and be more successful in learning.

Yet, we should consider the way essay-writing services impact the job market. There are some points we need to review. They can provide many folks with jobs and a great help in learning. In the meanwhile, they also deprive other people of job opportunities and make degrees invaluable. Let’s try to figure out all the issues.

Positive Influence of Essay Writing Services on the Job Market

First of all, we’d like to pay your attention to the positive impact on the current job market. Here are the benefits essay writing agencies provide:

Increased Demand for Writers, Editors, and Proofreaders in Essay-writing Companies

Today, the popularity of custom agencies is on the rise, and this tendency doesn’t seem to drop in the nearest 20-30 years or more. Many talented people find jobs as writers, editors, and proofreaders.

They stand in high demand as they can write any essay or any other academic paper. The experts will be welcomed by all highly reputed platforms. Although there may be 300+ other experts, you will hardly lack the job. As the prices are pretty cheap and your skills are excellent, thousands of students would like to deal with your custom writing company.

Opportunities for Freelance Writers and Editors to Work Remotely

One of the most important benefits of freelancing is the possibility of working right from your home. There are only a few other jobs that offer this amazing benefit. You are free to plan when you work and how many orders to accept. It’s a great chance to have time for other necessities.

Development of Specialized Job Positions 

Freelance platforms also create other unique positions. These can be quality assurance managers and customer service representatives. The first ones check the quality of every writer, editor, and proofreader employed on a concrete site. They need to be sure all the texts are completed according to the highest standards. Customer service representatives work with clients. They answer their questions about the company and help to navigate through all menus, policies, etc.

Negative Influence of Essay Writing Services on the Job Market

Now, it would be fair to dwell upon some negative aspects. These platforms aren’t perfect when it comes to the job market. Make allowances for the next essentials:

Decreased Demand for Writing Skills Among Students and Graduates

Writing skills lose their importance among learners. They get relaxed as they know that someone competent can do all their assignments instead of them. That is why you need to act reasonably and never overuse professional sites.

Devaluation of Degrees and Academic Achievements

As a result of the previous concern, the academic achievements of learners aren’t that highly rated anymore. If youngsters overuse professional aid, they stop developing their own skills, and their degrees cannot confirm that they are true experts.

Of course, we should mention such issues as plagiarism and cheating. Some writers are pretty lazy and they do not want to write orders from scratch. They simply copy and paste already written articles, essays, etc. If students don’t check for plagiarism, they submit their projects and get zero grades for them. Besides, the help of professional writers is unethical, although legal. You should be ready to work like that when you use professional aid.

Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional writing services on this platform, enabling you to choose the one that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

It is also necessary to look at various trends and possible outcomes that make take place in the nearest future. These are as follows:

Technological Advancements and Automation in Essay Writing Services

There is a tendency of using artificial intelligence (AI) for essay writing. It can compose texts that are pretty similar to the ones written by humans. By using this Ai tools you can enhance your imagination and style of essay writing. Of course, there are still differences in style and creativity. AI does not always sound natural. Nevertheless, this tendency may go on.

As a result, custom sites may not require any writers or editors at all. It may create serious problems for these experts. Their needs may not be required, and they will need to look for jobs elsewhere.

A custom writing aid is always a serious topic for debate. It is legal, but many educators claim that it should be forbidden. They push students to cheat. Besides, learners do not develop their own skills and get lazy. It’s a great problem as they will not be competent enough when they graduate.

Freelance also impacts other industries. For example, freelancers are frequently hired by newspapers, journals, and magazines. Their skills and experience are crucial. Even the educational sphere may use them. Of course, they will not be invited to help students. Yet, they can write informative and helpful tutorials, guides, examples, and so on. In fact, many freelance writers stuff content on educational sites (the official sites of schools, colleges, and universities) thanks to their great abilities.

Drawing the Final Conclusions

As you can see, the influence of essay writing agencies has positive and negative outcomes for the job market. They create more job positions for writers, editors, and proofreaders. These positions are narrow and specific, which promise high salaries. Besides, freelancers can conveniently work from their homes.

On the other hand, cheating is a serious ethical issue, and many students don’t pay enough attention to their skills. When they graduate, they may not find good jobs because they get lazy because of the regular use of custom platforms. There should be found a middle ground. We think students should use professional aid only when nothing else works for them.

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