Best Ideas of Indoor and Outdoor Decoration for Thanksgiving

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Thanksgiving is a family holiday that warms the dearest ones gathered together on an autumn day. It’s also a day to forgive wrongs and show generosity to less fortunate people in life. There are a number of traditions associated with Thanksgiving that are held sacred and observed. At the same time, a constant tradition is to decorate the house with Thanksgiving balloons and gifts of nature and use them in indoor and outdoor decor elements. Preparation for the holiday can start with the dinner table and end with the decoration of the entrance door. At this time of year, it is a tradition to use primarily natural decorations.

Balloons for Indoor and Outdoor Decorations

You can order foil balloons in the form of letters and attach them to a fishing line, creating a wish “Happy Thanksgiving Day” or “Give Thanks,” and the sides can organize air fountains.  For this, you will need a bunch of helium balloons of thematic colors, such as orange, yellow, or red. In the center of the fountain, place a foil figurine of a turkey or pumpkin. That can not onlybe a decoration but also a great photo area.

Holiday Begins on the Porch

Adorn your front door with lush wreaths, multi-colored flower arrangements, and dried corn stalks. You can place a few small pilgrim figurines near the entrance that will remind you of how this holiday started, or you may get funny scarecrows to become symbolic protectors of your family nest.

Door Adornment

On this bright day, hosts try to make their homes cozier and more festive. Since Thanksgiving is a holiday of harvest and gratitude for food, it’s customary to use natural elements in decorating the home and table. Therefore, a front door is usually decorated with a charming wreath made of autumn leaves, sprigs of pine needles, dried spikelets, and even motley scraps of fabric. People believe that it’s a wreath protecting the home from evil spirits and bringing prosperity and well-being.

Arrange Autumn Decorations for Your Lounge

After all, this is the first place your guests will see. Here, the railing is wrapped in harvest garland, and glowing artificial pumpkins and autumn leaves enliven the entrance. Besides, you can add floor vases with autumn vegetable or flower bouquets.

Pick Up Table Ornamentation

Serving a holiday table, it’s best to choose bright dishes, beautiful cotton tablecloths, and napkins for guests. An attractive solution would be such a composition as a turkey of cones, around which you can place fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as seasonal flowers. A symbol of family warmth and unity will be holiday candlesticks.  Use a variety of dried flowers, berries, twigs, and even small decorative pumpkins to create them.

Horn of Plenty is a Must Have

One of the most famous symbols of Thanksgiving is a horn of plenty. This horn is often made as wicker and placed on a table filled with fruits and vegetables. Also, a cornucopia can be neatly woven into or enclosed with flowers. Some housewives even bake large pies in the shape of a horn and fill them with meat and vegetables. Besides being a decorative centerpiece on the table, a cornucopia of plenty plays the role of quite an edible decoration.

Holiday Spirit in Your Garden

Generally, Thanksgiving is celebrated when the weather is already quite cold. There aren’t many flowers and greenery in the garden. Add some life and color to other barren pots by filling them with images of pumpkins, decorative sprouts, and interesting branches. These “Thanksgiving compositions” will decorate your home throughout the fall and even longer.

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