Shoe History – How Yeezys Came to Be

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Kanye West’s celebrity story starts at different points depending on how you know him.

If you think of him as a producer, you may know him from his work in the late ’90s for local Chicago rappers (or for the hits he made for artists like Jermaine Dupri). If you think of him as a rapper, his story likely started with the release of The College Dropout, which sold over 3 million copies. 

However, if you think of him as a fashion icon, you know him best for the Yeezy sneaker. 

Few other artists in history have made such a name for themselves in so many lines of work, but Kanye West managed to do it over 20 years. His transition into fashion was an exciting time for any sneakerhead, and people continue to love his shoes even today. 

Read below to learn about the interesting shoe history behind the Yeezy line and how it got started in the first place. 

shoe history

Shoe Deals Before the Yeezy Sneaker

In 2009, Kanye West signed a deal with luxury brand Louis Vuitton to release his first line of sneakers. This line of shoes was a huge hit, and it created a ripple effect in which people were able to associate brands like this with artists like Kanye West. 

Later, in the same year, Kanye West had a collaboration with Nike. This didn’t last long, but the Air Yeezy line (which is different from the Yeezy line) was born from this relationship. In 2013, this collaboration was finished as Kanye West received a deal for $10 million with Adidas. 

Adidas was able to offer Kanye West complete control over the creative process for the sneaker line and a percentage of all royalties on the shoes, which was something that Ye had wanted from the start of his sneaker line processes. 

Kanye West has always had a dream of working in fashion and designing fashions for other people, so his success as a musician was able to fuel some of this creative opportunity with the money he made from albums, merch, and tours. Of course, he is well-versed in the arts, and regardless of someone’s opinion of Ye, he has been on a very ambitious journey to get to where he is today. 

The Shoe History of the Yeezy Line

In 2015, the Adidas Yeezys were first introduced, and they’ve been selling extremely well ever since to people all over the world. This was during “Yeezy Season,” which has since become a showcase for all of Kanye West’s clothing and sneakers.

The sneakers are so popular at this point that when a new pair drops, people will usually buy enough for them to sell out within one minute. As a result, some have even resorted to using sneaker bots so that they can buy sneakers before anyone else.

The first Yeezy shoe to drop was the Yeezy Boost 750, which is still popular today. They were modeled after Uggs, and the 750s quickly became an internet sensation before they were even available, as people around the globe waited up all night to try and grab a pair.

This success with the first Yeezy shoe likely helped to spark the notoriety and fame of his subsequent Yeezy models. For instance, you can get Yeezy 700 here, but they may not last long due to their sheer popularity (especially if you’re looking for a specific colorway). 

With each shoe drop since Kanye has continued to make sneaker history with his different Yeezy models and colorways that are extremely sought-after by his fans around the world. 

The Yeezy Line Aside From Sneakers

While most people associate the Yeezy shoe line with the infamous sneakers, there are other types of shoes available if you’re a true collector. 

The Yeezy Slide, for example, is a great representation of Ye’s love for simplicity, cost-effective structure, and comfort all in one pair of shoes. They still look like the Yeezy sneakers you know and love in their own way, but they work as slide sandals in terms of convenience and everyday wear.

You’ll also be able to find utilitarian-type combat boots in the Yeezy line, which aren’t widely available. They are still sold in certain sneaker markets, but you’ll have to be quick (and willing to pay extra) to own a pair for yourself.

Both of these shoe styles, along with many other Yeezy sneakers, come in a variety of colorways that are both bold or neutral so that you can wear them how you like. Any of the models and colorways out there are going to be worth the money, especially if you’re someone that likes to buy and resell. 

Adding Yeezys to Your Sneaker Collection 

If you’re looking for new sneakers to add to your collection as a sneakerhead, you simply cannot go wrong with the iconic Yeezy line. As you can see based on the shoe history, their popularity is not dying out anytime soon.

While you may not want to pay a premium for luxury sneakers, it’s worth it to own some of the most popular sneakers out there. Look up different models and find the ones that speak to you the most!

Whether you’re looking to change up your style, or you simply want to own the most popular pair out there, you can find Yeezys that work with your wardrobe and personal brand.

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