How to Setup My Smart TV: Step by Step Guide

| Updated on March 1, 2024

In our tech-driven world, there are all the conditions for a comfortable life. That’s why most modern and smart houses are teeming with innovative gadgets like dishwashers, cleaner robots (which will not only vacuum perfectly but also wash our floors and windows), home theaters, Smart TVs, set-top boxes, voice assistants, and much more.

This huge list does not surprise anyone. However, not all people can independently set up the purchased device correctly, and that’s why in this article, we would like to tell you how to set up one of these assistants – your Smart TV. After all, it is not enough just to buy and bring it home. In order for the device to work, you need to take a couple of simple steps that will allow you to use your purchase exclusively with pleasure.

Top Opportunities Your Smart TV Comes with

To begin with, you need to keep in mind that a Smart TV is a simple TV but with the ability to serve the user as a real media center. That means you have the opportunity to display any files on the TV screen (photos or videos from a wedding, family trips, parties with friends, and more) from your computer or phone, and watch movies online by simply logging into your account on YouTube or Netflix, talk to family and friends via video call (and see their happy faces on the big screen), and more.

For clarity, here is a complete list of the capabilities of your Smart TV:

  • creating a customized program using video platforms such as YouTube or Netflix;
  • surfing the Internet, reading the news, and checking mail, just like on a laptop or smartphone;
  • ordering goods and services on the Internet;
  • communication in Skype, Zoom, and other similar programs;
  • watching movies, programs, games, and listening to music.

So, the list of the smart TV features is pretty advanced. That’s why setting it up can be a challenge for less tech-savvy users. If, after reading that guide, you still have questions or encounter a difficulty that you cannot solve on your own, do not be shy to ask an expert how to set up your Smart TV. Professionals from Howly would be happy to share their knowledge and help you set up any gadget you have or solve any other technical issue for you.  

Setting Up Your Smart TV Step by Step

Here is how to get the job done and enjoy your Smart TV purchase.

Choose the Connection Type

In the first step, you have to decide which way to use to connect your Smart TV to the Internet. In general Smart TV has two options on how to make it:

  • Via LAN (Ethernet) cable. This method is universal. All you need is to find a connector on the back of the TV that fits the Internet cable. Depending on the model, it is located below or on the side. Check an icon “Ethernet” or try to find “RJ45 IN” below the LAN connector. Insert the cable and turn on the TV. 

The connection status will be displayed in the upper right corner. If there is a red cross on the icon, then you have to repeat the operation and reconnect the cable.

To make the Internet work, go to “Settings” – “Network settings” and select the “Wired network” item. After that, you can safely use the Internet.

  • Wi-Fi Connection. Find the Menu button on the remote control, and select the “Network” item or something with a similar name. Then go to the menu on the right side and select “Network settings” – “Wireless connection” and select the right network.

Personalize Your Smart TV

Now, when your TV has access to the most important thing (the Internet), we suggest moving on to personalizing it.

  • Basic Settings. To bind the remote control to the TV, press the “OK” button for a few seconds. Some remotes have a scroll wheel instead. To untie the remote control, press the button with the image of the “House” + the “Back” button and hold for about five seconds. The next step in the basic settings is selecting the right country, language, and time zone.
  • Sound. In the sound settings, you can select the desired mode for movies, music, watching sports, or playing games. To do this, go to the “Menu” and select the “Sound” tab. Also, if you can hardly hear the dialogues on the screen, activate the “Clear Voice” item.  

Want your Smart TV to choose the right sound settings for you? Select the “Intelligent sound” item so as not to go into the settings every time you change the broadcast format. To avoid a sharp increase in volume during ads, go to “Advanced settings”, then select “Volume mode” and activate the “Auto Volume” option.

  • Screen. In the screen settings, you can also select modes of increased brightness for watching movies, sports programs, or, conversely, economical energy consumption.
  • Account. To access your account, choose the “General settings” menu. With its help, you can download many useful applications with advanced functionality. If you don’t have an account, click “Create an account” and follow the prompts. You can also log in through popular social networks (special buttons will be at the bottom of the page).
  • Apps. To enter the menu, use the button with the image of the house. For the first time you log in,  some apps may be unavailable. It usually happens because the wrong location (country) was selected. So you should change it in settings. 
  • In the Other settings menu, you can also specify the country of service of the Smart TV instead of automatic mode. Click “OK” or “Yes” to confirm. After that, the equipment will reboot, and after a few seconds, the relevant applications will appear in the menu.
  • Voice search. The button with the microphone image on the control panel helps activate this function. Click on the microphone, and a list of available commands will appear on the screen.


With the help of this guide, very happy owners of a Smart TV will be able to independently set up their new purchase and enjoy their favorite content on the large screen and from the comfort of their home. Indeed, setting up a Smart TV is easier than assembling an IKEA table, so you are unlikely to face any troubles!

Jeremy L. Price


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