Can I sell my FIFA COINS?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

There are many platforms that allow you to sell FIFA coins. However, not all sites are legit. The technology industry is growing rapidly hence the rise of scammers. As a result of this, gamers are supposed to have knowledge of how to sell coins. Moreover, a good website should not go against FIFA rules. EA has a set of instructions that should be followed strictly. Henceforth, you should know the requirements before you start trading.  This will help you to have basic ideas about FIFA trading.  This article will guide you on how you can sell FIFA coins. 

Where to sell FIFA coins 


FIFACOIN is the safest website from where you can get FIFA coins. Millions of gamers have positive reviews about the site. It allows you to sell coins at a good price. In addition to that, FIFACOIN guarantees safety to customers. Besides that, it has a 100% refund policy. You will receive discounts and promotions when you become a website member.

This is my favorite website for selling FIFA coins. It is secure and easy to use. Many gamers love using this website to sell or buy coins. Try this website today and you will not get disappointed. Check more great deals here 


This site is safe when it comes to selling FIFA coins. Prices are not the cheapest but they are affordable. It is better to pay extra coin on a safe site than paying less to scammers. The prices go down if you purchase the FIFA coins consistently. In addition to that, the deliveries are done instantly. 

The most important thing is that the website follows EA guidelines. This will give you confidence when selling FIFA coins. You can contact them through email or social media in case a problem occurs. They have a center that answers all questions. You can read through the reviews at their site before you purchase anything. Comments will always help you to make the right decision.  


U4GM is a safe seller that you should trust. It gets items from legit sources before selling to customers. Besides that, the prices are cheap. The customer services are fast to solve issues. Contact the support team if you experience drawbacks.  You should not disclose your personal information including identification cards, licenses, and bank accounts. Sites that ask for personal information are scammers who want to harm you.   

How to sell FIFA coins at website

  • Ensure you are connected to the fast internet.
  • Go to the website and register as a seller.
  • Use the system to get your offers.
  • After they accept, negotiate with the buyers and agree on how you will transfer the FIFA coins.  
  • Select the mode of payment you want to use. 
  • Continue and deliver the coins depending on the agreement. 
  • The buyer will confirm then send payment. 

How to know a Legit Site

Gamers worry about the security of trading. It is fine to get scared because the consequences will affect your accounts.  It is not possible to know a trustworthy seller if you are a first-time gamer. For this reason, you should know how to differentiate two types of sellers. Here are the mains things to know if a site is legit. 

Refund Policy

A safe coin seller should have refund policies. Sometimes you make a mistake or you purchase something when you are not ready. As a result of this, your request for a refund. This option is a must for traders.  You have to confirm the availability of refunds.  

Instant Delivery

It is frustrating to wait for payment for hours. This issue raises alarm and you will begin to worry about the coins. The legit site should do delivery in a few minutes. 

Safe Transaction

Does the site offer a secure transaction? You will be confident if the transaction is secured. Safety can be determined by checking the payment platform. Reliable payment methods include PayPal and Moneybookers. 

Affordable Prices

The prices should not be exaggerated. Consider how much the coin cost and if the price keeps on changing. Also, you can compare the prices and choose the best. Moreover, there should be discounts and promotions for the members. 

EA Compliant 

EA has guidelines for buying and selling FIFA coins and the consequences include banning accounts and taking rewards like packs and coins. Legit sellers should comply with EA rules. Henceforth, you have to research detailed information about the websites before you continue. Good sellers should care for customers. Caring means ensuring clients do not get banned by EA.  

Payment Method

It is important to have verified accounts before trading. If not, the transaction can be delayed or be blocked before it is completed. Use PayPal or Moneybookers to transact. The two methods allow you to transact money in bulk.  

Final Thoughts 

FIFA coins can be sold on websites including,; you should have a payment platform for transacting money. Read through the platforms offered by the dealers. In addition to that, you can make profits through trading FIFA coins. First of all, you should get the coins from the source that sells at the lowest price in the market. However, this is not easy because they are sold by legit dealers who are a part of the industry for years.

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