Shoot, Attack, And Defend to Rank Up in Rainbow Six Siege

| Updated on April 30, 2024

Considering the frequency of updates in Rainbow Six Siege, ranking up is in the trend. Players are spending hours on this game to reach diamond and champion. You might think, watching the gameplay of professionals players will help you. But the answer is not really until you completely learn the game and its mechanics. 

To increase your rank and get R6 boosting, you need to help your team win many rounds and matches, as well as gain kills and assists. And that’s not enough. Your team also have to come up with a good agent combination.

In this article, we will see the how to shoot and play as attacker and defenders in Rainbow Six Siege.

How to shoot Rainbow Six Siege

The most basic requirement for dominating and winning in any shooting game is the aim accuracy of shooting. Although there are various operators in Rainbow Six Siege with different weapons, shooting is a universal way of getting kills.

Let’s see the different shooting modes in Rainbow Six Siege.

Single fire

It is a shooting mode in which a single round per shot. It is the best and easiest way to kill an enemy in the long run. Try to down the enemy in the first 2-3 single shots, or it will be harder to trace the enemy later. If you miss the starting 2-3 single shots, immediately switch to burst or auto mode and start firing while moving into the covers. 

To practice this, head to the standard mode (previously called the unranked playlist) and start practicing single shooting at the head of the enemy for giving high damage. 

Burst shooting

It is a shooting mode where multiple cartilages are shot at once. It is the best way to down the enemy in close to mid-range, as the recoil is less than the auto mode and the number of cartilage shots is more than the single mode. 

Try to aim for the head, and a single mouse is enough to lethally kill the enemy. While shooting, make sure to drag the mouse to control the recoil of the second and third bullets. 

Remember, using it at a very close range can be disadvantageous. Quickly swatch to auto-firing mode if the initial bullets are missed. 

Automatic fire

Auto fire mode is suitable for close range and sometimes used for long range if controlled effectively. It is a mode in which the bullets are continuously fired until either the magazine gets empty or the trigger is released. The required accuracy to kill the enemy with this firing type is relatively lower than other types. But remember that controlling the aim in auto mode is more difficult as compared to other firing types. 

You can use it while being in the attacker team. Hold the position where the defenders are more like to come and prefire to take the enemy into your range of fire. While doing so, make sure you are in the covers and have enough ammunition, otherwise the enemy will kill you.

Key Point 
Switching fire modes is no more available on any guns in Rainbow Six Siege. You have to understand the mouse click mechanics to learn to shoot in different modes.

Attack side

The attacker side is the one who is going to rescue the hostages from the defender. In that process, attackers can choose the point of attack and combine the strength of the team for an accurate strike. 

You can use different combinations of agent mechanics for utilizing different gadgets, such as.

  • Sledge for using breaching hammer that break through soft walls, floors, and some gadgets.
  • Montagne for using a riot shield that protects himself from 180 degrees.
  • Thatcher for using EMP grenades that destroy most electronic defender gadgets through all surfaces. 

Make sure to use an effective combination of operators to win against the defenders.

Moreover, you can also use grenades and drone mechanics for knocking out the hidden defenders from a distance. 

Defense side

Defenders are the terrorist in Rainbow Six who controls the faculty as hostages and keeps them away from the attackers. 

Similar to attackers, the defenders also have to choose an agent to counter the attackers abilities and stop them from rescuing the hostages. Utilize the different gadgets of agents to stop the attacker from rushing in and divide their approach into parts.

Here are a few defending agents along with their gadgets.

  • Use Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor to see the enemy heart beat with 10m radius through all surfaces. 
  • Use Doc’s stim pistol to heal himself and allies from a distance. 
  • Choose Vigil’s cloaking device to hide from cameras and drones. 
  • Select Clash’s transparent riot shield that shoots taser and damages the attacker.

Terrorists can also strengthen selected points so that special forces make more efforts to break through such objects, or change their plans altogether. This way, you will secure the most dangerous points and gain more rounds in your Rainbow Six Siege boost.


To rank up in Rainbow Six Siege, you have to excel in both attacking and defending, as you will play from both sides in a match. Keeps on trying new tactics and agents to familiarize with the game.

After reaching a considerate level, start learning new strategies by watching professional’s gameplay.


What are the different ranking levels in the Rainbow Six Siege?

The Rainbow Six Siege has 8 ranking levels, each consisting of five ranks (excluding the Champion). Here are the levels.

  • Copper V, IV, III, II, I.
  • Bronze V, IV, III, II, I.
  • Silver V, IV, III, II, I.
  • Gold V, IV, III, II, I.
  • Platinum V, IV, III, II, I.
  • Emerald V, IV, III, II, I
  • Diamond V, IV, III, II, I.
  • Champion.
How long does it take to reach Champion in Rainbow Six Siege?

Reaching Champion in Rainbow Six Siege depends on players skills and dedication. You have to reach 5000M to get into Champion rank.

How can I make my aim better in Rainbow Six Siege?

Here are a few strategies to improve your aim in Rainbow Six Siege.

  • Crosshair placement – Keep the crosshair at the head of the enemy.
  • Consistent sensitivity – Don’t make frequent change in sensitivity. Stick with one and practice.
  • Recoil control – Practice dragging your mouse down to understand the recoil pattern of different guns.
  • Attempt Flicks – Try to hit flick shots. It improves your reflexes.
Does Rainbow Six Siege supports aim assist?

Aim assist in Rainbow Six Siege only supports in consoles. PC gamers play it without aim assist.

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