How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebook? Quick and Easy Guide

| Updated on February 29, 2024

How about you now screenshot on Chromebook that you use, and not just the phones? 

Or that you no longer have to screenshot on your phone and then transfer it to your computer because now it can do that by itself? 



Isn’t that great? But wait, that’s not all! 

Screen capture tool on Chromebook.

The answer to a few questions that we will be looking ahead, like ‘How to screenshot on Chromebook?’ will make your lives easier in ways you might not know of. 

After all, the majority of us know how to take a screenshot on Android or iOS, but this is something new! 

All you have to do is, trust your guide here and follow what you read!

What is a Screenshot on Chromebook?

Earlier in time, you could only take screenshots, either using the keyboard keys that you don’t remember or basic tools that have their own limitations. 

But no more! Chromebook has come up with an excellent tool that only helps you screenshot a page, but screen-record a video and save both as files for future reference. So let’s have an overview of how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook. 

Chromebook Screenshot and Screen Record

A screenshot on Chromebook, like one on a smartphone, is a pictorial snapshot of whatever is on the screen at the time. It also helps you grab a visual shot or record the contents, including any image, video shot, or text that might be available. 

It is like ‘exactly what you saw’ at the time you were working on it. This not only helps you as a student, or an employee but is beneficial in every sector of work in innumerable ways. 

Let us see how!

How Can a Screenshot on Chromebook Help You?

A screenshot on your smartphone is something you do every other day, and there’s so much help that it gives you a later time. 

Yes, of course, apart from blackmailing your friends for their ugly pictures though!

Now that you know tons about your smartphone screenshots, here are the top 4 ways in which a Chromebook screenshot can assist you in your daily life:

  • Screenshot the pages you are browsing to showcase a technical glitch or issue that you might face.
  • Prepare a research portfolio with examples from other sites. 
  • Plan out a team strategy based on the findings on the competitor site pages. 
  • Offer a better explanation to your mates by offering them a more graphic view of what exactly you want your project to look like. 

One of the other highlights of this tool is its ability to screen record and then save it as a video. You can edit, view and save all those screenshots and videos for using them at a later time. 

There are several other additions to its uses, so many that I might not be able to list all of them here! 

So instead, let’s just try the feature for ourselves and move on with how to use it!

How to Screenshot on Chromebook with a Keyboard? 

Beginning from scratch, let us know of the keyboard shortcuts that you’ve forgotten over time. 

Here is what you will do for working with the Screen Capture Toolbar:

  • Press the keys Shift+Control+Show Windows altogether. So that you know, the Show Windows key is placed in the top row with an icon similar to that of an actual window. 
    Show the Windows key on the Chromebook keyboard.
  • You will now see a toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

In case you want to screenshot the entire window screen of your PC, you may simply press the Ctrl+Show Windows keys together. 

However, these key shortcuts will only help you take the full window screenshots. Also, you require a keyboard to access the said keys. 

So, for the tablet users or the ones who want a partial capture of the screen, let’s see what you can do next. 

Steps to Take Chromebook Screenshot of a Specific Area

At times, you might want a screenshot of the specific area that you wish to use. So instead of taking up extra space in the capture, you may follow the given steps are capture what you need. 

  • Press the Shift+Control+Show Windows keys, and you will see a box on the screen. 
  • The box depicts the area being captured. To select a specific range, you can drag it accordingly on the top, button, left, or right. 
  • Once done, release the pressure from your mouse and save the new screenshot. 

In case you use a tablet, you may see the next procedure in line. 

How to Screenshot on Chromebook in Tablet Mode?

A convertible device like the Google Pixelbook i7 might not have access to physical keys, and hence you may use the other alternative to screenshot your page on Chromebook.

  • Press the Power and Volume Down buttons altogether. 
  • You will see a notification that displays a thumbnail of the screenshot.
  • You may view and edit it by clicking on the same. 

If you have a Stylus pen and want to use it for taking screenshots, here’s how you can do it. 

How to Screenshot on Chromebook in the Tablet Mode Using a Stylus? 

Stylus Pen with Tablet

Most people find the use of Stylus Pen convenient and hence would want to use it in the screenshot process. To do so, you will have to follow the below-given steps:

  • Select the Stylus Pen that you are using. 
  • Click on Capture Screen to snapshot the whole screen area, OR
  • Click on Capture Region if you want a portion of the area to be captured. 
  • In the case of the latter, you will see a box on the screen. Now move the sides of the box to cover the region you wish to screenshot. 
  • Once done, you may release the pen from the screen and there you have the ss!

Further, a few latest versions of Chromebook come with a direct key for screenshot purposes. 

Camera key on Chromebook keyboard.

As shown in the image, it is available in the top row again, with an icon like the camera. It has a rectangle with a circle in the middle. You press it without making any key combo, and there is your captured shot! 

How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebook From the Settings Menu?

Obviously, I know! 

You would forget the key combinations again, and trouble yourself when you need a screenshot on Chromebook next! 

But we are here for the rescue.

Google added a feature for instant screenshots, in the Quick Settings menu, for people like us! You know, we all have a hard time remembering!

All you need to do is, go to the Quick Settings menu and click on the Screen Capture option, and there you have it. The toolbar! 

Quick Setting menu on Chromebook

But who knows how to use that toolbar? We do, and that is exactly what we will assist you with next. 

How to Screenshot on Chromebook Using Toolbar?

If you followed the previously mentioned steps right, you would have a toolbar on your screen by this time. 

Now you would see the toolbar at the bottom divided into 3 mini sections as given in the image. 

Toolbar for the screenshot on Chromebook.

The use of all the options in the toolbar is as given below: 

  1. The left one allows you to change your preference from screenshot to screen record and vice versa. 
  2. The middle one offers you access to either snapshot the entire screen, the entire window, or just a portion of the screen you would want. 
  3. Next, on the exact right, is the Settings menu that enables you to either switch ON or OFF the microphone for volume in the screen recording. 

Isn’t it just amazing? I mean, screenshot and screen record whatever and whenever you like! 

But stop!

Where is it all saved? Umm, let’s see!

How Do You Save a Screenshot on Chromebook?

So now the screenshot of your desired screen or window is taken, and a notification for the same is in the bottom right corner. The notification shows a thumbnail of the screenshot taken, as showcased in the next image.

Notification of the screenshot 

You may click on it to edit or view it accordingly. For editing purposes, if you know how to edit or at least crop a screenshot on Mac and Windows, you will be good to go here as well!

However, if you wish to save this screenshot on Cloud, floor the given steps: 

  • The screenshots are saved in the Downloads folder on your system. You can access them by opening the Files tab and selecting Downloads. 
  • Now select the screenshots that you wish to upload on Cloud.
  • You will see a selection bar in the top-right corner of the screen. Select the Share option in the same from the drop-down.
  • Select the Save to Drive option amongst the other ones that include DropBoz and OneDrive.

So, hopefully, you have managed to ‘take and save’ the ‘so many’ screenshots you have always wanted to capture. 

Explaining what is on your mind during a corporate meeting will no longer be troublesome because now, you have what you really want to show!


How to screenshot on Chromebook with keyboard keys?

To take a screenshot on Chromebooks, you need to press the Shift+Control+Show Windows keys on the keyboard altogether.

How do I screenshot on a Chromebook without a Ctrl key?

If you use a device with a keyboard or keys, you may simply press the Power and Volume Down buttons in one go.

How to ss on Chromebook partially?

To capture a specific screen area in your screenshot, press the Shift+Ctrl+Show Windows keys together and drag the box given on the screen. Now, only the area covered in the dragged box will be captured in your ss.

How to take a screenshot?

To take a screenshot without using a keyboard, you may press the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time. Also, you may try pressing the Power button for 2–3 seconds and then click on Screenshot. However, if both of these ideas do not work, you may search for help on the developer’s site.

What are the shortcut keys to take screenshots?

The steps to take a screenshot vary from device to device. However, if you use a Windows device, you may press the Windows+PrtScn keys together for an ss. However, if your keyboard does not have a PrtScn key, try pressing the Windows+Space Bar together. 


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