Tips to Score Good Marks in Class 11 Maths Exam

| Updated on March 1, 2024

The NCERT class 11 overall syllabus is assembled in a way that the complete evaluation, learning, and smart understanding of the subject-related concepts to the students. The care is taken in the assessment of knowledge after going through. This assessment is also referred to as an examination. The same may be related to mathematics or any other subject or stream. 11th standard is seen as a crucial part of a student’s educational life. 

The pattern of studies changes at this level and being the new syllabus, the students may at times find the course or certain topics tough. Maths is generally assumed to be a tough one. Certain books and guides may help the students to score better but the guides may not explain the topic well. So, a few tips and tricks may help you to get good scores in the same without any hassle and increased cost. 

  1. Studying regularly is the basic and all-time hit habit to score good marks not even 11 but also in high school board exams. No matter how slow or average a student is, practice can make everyone excel in every topic. Study regularly completing of class 11 maths syllabus timely help you win half the race much before the exams. Completion of assigned projects practical as well as assignments timely helps you get a lot of time for revision.
  2. Studies by oneself as well as having a complete insight of every topic makes it easy for you to excel the same. Some students prefer certain regular approaches for efficient learning and understanding of the concept. These are not enough for accomplishing the target of foreign good marks in CBSE. Some solid materials as textbooks, sample paper, explanations, and class 11 NCERT solutions are important for reference and evaluation of the knowledge. Working on notes will surely help in recalling the topics in the future. For mathematics, the intelligent approach is 2 to assemble all the formulas and the notes so that they are available for you to revise at any point in time. The knowledge of applying theorems and proves to the respective section should be enhanced through supportive material.
  3. Focusing on the tough mathematical topics and preparing the same efficiently without any compromise is the basic need to score a better score. The sample papers, ten-year question papers (solved and unsolved), etc. should be attempted many times to have a perfect grip over the related topic. This helps in achieving complete perfection and a reliable approach in attempting the questions.
  4. The assistance of your school faculty may be an unparalleled help in scoring a high score. This may also boost your morale and confidence and timely help may prove to be excellent for preparation. 
  5. Practicing the topic repeatedly boosts the confidence and speed of the students which in turn becomes a great help while attempting the exams. Various online and offline classes help you to have clarity of topics without any confusion. Any confusions may be clarified with online help nowadays through different portals of education available in relation to the NCERT pattern of exams. 
  6. Focusing on solving all the examples and the exercises may help to make a big score in the annual exams. 40% of the paper can be cracked by practicing these questions. Considering the timely preparation with this additional attempt to solve the test papers on one’s abilities makes you know about the weak points and work better on them. Thus, you know all the topics that need revision and which are your strength.
  7. The best strategy is to attempt the maximum scoring questions beforehand and go with the lower ones after that. This makes you save time for the ones that need the maximum engagement and you are prevented from the shortage of time. Also, this makes me feel like half the target is accomplished. 

Accompanied with the above-mentioned points one can take the help of various online education portals in clearing doubts and having a better and improvised understanding of the topic. The more is the clarity of the topic, the better is the approach and then the best will be the score.

 The benefit of online education portals like Infinity Learn is that you can have flexibility and ease of classes at your convenience level. These portals provide the facilities of solved PDF downloads so that the students may have easy and anytime access to the NCERT solutions of mathematics relating to each and every topic. Infinity learns to suggest the students go through the supplementary notes and the provided questionnaires accompanied with the complete preparation of mathematics and other subjects of class 11th.

The focused topics of mathematics in class 11 include sets, function, relations, trigonometry, induction principle, vectors, quadratic equations. Last-minute revisions are a must for better and good scores in 11th grade and that too in mathematics.

Zayn Tindall

Zayn is currently working as an English Lecturer in one of the reputed colleges in New York. She has even worked as a career counsellor for the last 5 years. Zayn loves to spend his spare time reading educational books, novels and writing educational blogs and articles. 

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