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| Updated on February 29, 2024

Class 12 is very important because it is a board exam year. You have to really perform well because after this exam you take your decision for your higher studies, and based on the 12th board marks you can understand where you stand. Having conceptual understanding is really important because it helps you in every way. NCERT solutions for class 12 maths are very useful for understanding each chapter properly. NCERT provides textbook, solutions, and sample papers that are really beneficial for students for preparing themselves for board exams. It makes them well-versed with the fundamental concepts of Maths.

Why choose NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Maths?

Referring to the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths helps students to solve every exercise given in their NCERT maths book easily. In the NCERT textbook, you get a detailed understanding of all the concepts, and the exercise questions given at the end of each chapter are designed mainly from an examination point of view. Sometimes students get stuck in certain sums and to help them NCERT solutions are prepared. These NCERT Solutions provide efficient step-by-step methods to solve every sum. Every solution is reviewed by the best teachers across India, so these NCERT Solutions are trusted by many students. 

Syllabus Of NCERT Class 12 Maths

NCERT Class 12 maths solution covers the following chapters.

Chapter 1: Relations And Functions- This chapter deals with different types of relations and functions, binary operations, etc. There are 4 exercises and a miscellaneous exercise in this chapter that helps you solve it easily.

Chapter 2: Inverse Trigonometric Functions- Students can learn the concept of inverse trigonometric functions, its properties, and miscellaneous examples, in this chapter. It is followed by 2 exercises that help students to understand the concepts better.

Chapter 3: Matrices- Here students learn about the definition of matrices, types of matrices, addition and multiplication of matrices, transpose of a matrix, symmetric matrix, and many more concepts. This chapter is followed by  4 exercises and a miscellaneous exercise.

Chapter 4: Determinants- This chapter covers an introduction to determinants, definition of determinants, properties of determinants, minors, cofactors, and adjoint of a matrix, inverse of a matrix, application of determinants, and miscellaneous examples. It has 6 practice exercises that will help students to evaluate their understanding of the concepts discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Continuity And Differentiability- Here students learn about the definition and meaning of continuity and differentiability, algebra of different functions, derivatives of composite functions, and many more. It has 8 exercises that help you understand each topic covered in this chapter easily.

Chapter 6: Applications Of Derivatives- This chapter covers the definition of derivatives, rate of change of quantities, tangents and normals, approximations, first derivative test, maximum and minimum values of a function in a closed interval, and miscellaneous examples. There are five practice exercises followed by this chapter. 

Chapter 7: Integrals- It covers the definition of the indefinite integral, geometrical interpretation of indefinite integral, properties of indefinite integral, methods of integration, and various concepts related to integration. It has 11 exercises with many questions that help students to analyze their understanding.

Chapter 8: Applications Of Integrals – This chapter explains the area of the region bounded by a curve, area between two curves, and miscellaneous examples. There are 2 exercises followed by this chapter, that will help students to get a better understanding of the concepts covered in this chapter.

Chapter 9: Differential Equations- Students learn the definition and concept of differential equations, general and particular solutions, order of differential equations, and concepts related to the equations. This chapter has 6 exercises for the practice purpose of students.

Chapter 10: Vector Algebra- This chapter covers the concepts related to vector algebra, types, and properties of vectors, components of a vector, and other concepts related to vector algebra. It is followed by 4 practice exercises.

Chapter 11: Three Dimensional Geometry- It covers topics like direction cosines and direction ratios, vector equation of a line, the distance of a point from a plane, etc. It has three exercises with relevant questions necessary for the exam preparation.

Chapter 12: Linear Programming- This chapter covers the introduction, objectives, different types of linear programming and mathematical formulations of linear programming. It is followed by 2 practice exercises.

Chapter 13: Probability- In this chapter, you will learn about probability, the theorems of probability, independent events, total probability, and other related concepts. This chapter is followed by 5 practice exercises.

All the chapters discussed above are very well designed to help students understand each area of maths and to develop a good understanding of the concepts by solving various exercises given at the end of every chapter.

Vedantu is an online platform that helps teach students through live-classes, which is far better than recorded lectures and here students get a chance to do one-on-one interaction with the teachers. Here, all the chapters of NCERT 12 maths are taught by subject-matter experts, and they help to address doubts as well. Class 12 maths NCERT Solutions make a very effective study material that is designed to help students perform better in their exams. NCERT textbook for Class 12 maths covers all the details necessary for students to learn the fundamentals concepts, and also consists of exercises that they can solve and practice. So it is very beneficial for students appearing in the 12th board exams to solve and practice all the sums from the NCERT Class 12 Maths book for effective exam preparation.

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