Top 3 Providers to Get Toll-free Numbers for Your Business

| Updated on March 21, 2024

When you plan to set up communication with your customers or buyers, one thing that stands apart as the most important aspect is the flexibility of reach. Business phone systems have always been one way to connect with the organization. However, with the onset of digital tools and technologies, business leaders emphasized switching the mode of communication and embracing email as their new form of contact.

They are pretty easy to pitch and come with almost zero cost to the buyers. It might appear that emails are a sure shot way to reach out to an organization and ignite a conversation. Definitely, it is the case but, when there are thousands of customers emailing about their problem or query, the response is delayed. No matter how urgent a query is for you, for the company, every single email stands relevant. This is where we recommend the adoption of a virtual phone number.

For organizations that aim at offering exceptional business operations to their customers, promoting a toll free number as their primary form of communication is ideal. Not only does this allow customers to reach out to the organization at all hours of the day but it also ensures prompt and guaranteed response. 

What You Need To Know About Toll-free Numbers?

Toll-free numbers are one that allows enterprises to reach out to a greater audience. The fact that the call cost linked with the number is billed against the company, customers need not hesitate or think twice before making international calls. It often happens that a customer seems very much interested in a business product but since the business operates in a different region, they are not sure how to communicate and hence, drop the idea of connecting. 

This is where a virtual phone number comes to rescue. And it is not just the monetary value that drives the choice of Toll-free phone numbers. When you have a dedicated line of communication, customers view your business as something more than just a mere start-up and would readily invest their time and money.

Fascinating, right? 

Knowing how crucial it is to have a business phone system and how the 800 phone numbers add legitimacy to the same, here is an instant one-click solution to getting a number for your business.

How to Get Toll-free Numbers?

Signing up for a toll-free business phone system is not rocket science. Unlike the traditional forms of communication, this does not mandate dedicated hardware or any other equipment to install the service. 

All you need to do is look for a reliable service provider, connect with them, and get started with your business’s toll-free numbers.

Here is a list of top four companies that will help you extend your existing line of communication and induce toll-free numbers to reach out to your customers.

  1. CallHippo
  2. CallHippo is a distinguished company offering the ease to switch and modernize their business phone systems. With them, you can display your toll-free numbers directly on the homepage and direct visitors to enter into conversation with your agents.

    Getting a number is very easy. Simply visit their website, pick your country code, and the region for which you wish to purchase the number. Move ahead to select the subscription plan, pay, and there you are all set to connect with your leads. 

    When you get a toll free number from CallHippo, it gives customers the flexibility to use the same numbers making it easy for small business owners. They have customizable solutions and are tailored to simplify business communication at an optimized cost.

  3. RingCentral 
  4. Another way to get a toll-free number for your business is to engage with an UCaaS organization, RingCentral. They offer both toll-free and vanity numbers, along with the ease to select from a range of numbers. What makes them unique is their portability feature. What this means is that in case you have been using a toll-free number from a different service provider and now plan to switch, they will help you extend the same number. 

    This way you don’t need to replace numbers or ask your customers to do the same.

  5. Grasshopper
  6. Grasshopper is known to ease and cut short the process of getting numbers. In case you are visiting their site for the first time, you will notice a search bar. This allows you to look up all the available numbers, pick one for your business, and get started. Easy right? They have a list of numbers, hence, giving you ample choices to choose from.


Toll-free numbers are beneficial in plenty of ways. They help attract customers, generate leads, and in a way monetize business operations. The key lies in picking the right provider for the service. Make sure you keep a check on the services and features provided along with the number before subscribing for a number. These come with a great deal of credibility but only when you use them right.

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