4 Steps to Follow When Choosing Jewelry as a Gift

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Jewelry is a very personal thing. It is intimate, it tells a story about the person who’s wearing it, and it is said to stand the test of time. Quite often, a piece of jewelry will stay in a family generation after generation, and it’ll become a symbol of pride and tradition.

For all these reasons, choosing a jewel as a gift for your beloved is a sensitive matter. You have to be sure about what you’re buying because you might not have a second chance. In a way, choosing the wrong jewelry for your woman can mean that you don’t know her that well, after all. And especially after a long relationship, it’s definitely something you want to avoid.

Luckily, we’ve got your back. By following these steps, you’ll significantly increase your chances of selecting the right jewelry. So, without further ado, here are 4 steps to follow when choosing jewelry as a gift.

Find the Right Color

Let’s start from the basics. In choosing a piece of jewelry for your partner, you need to nail the right color. If you don’t really know or remember your beloved’s favorite hues, a good tip is to observe the colors of the clothes she wears the most. But be aware, choosing a jewel of that same tone is not always the best idea. Sometimes, you have to choose a color that fits one of her clothes. 

For example, if your partner wears beige consistently, gifting sapphires is a good idea since their deep blue hues might be a perfect completion. And remember, when in doubt, there’s a color that is always trendy: white diamond’s one.

Nail the Style

Some love the modern style and are fond of jewelry with contemporary designs. Instead, others prefer traditional shapes: the classic solitaire ring, a necklace with a string of pearls, a simple gold bracelet. So, before choosing, take a good look at the aesthetic inclinations of your loved one: is she a conservative and traditionalist in terms of clothes? Does she often change to stay on the wave of fashion? Or, perhaps, she is more into handmade crafts

The latter may be a great opportunity if you are unsure what a woman likes because handcrafted jewelry is highly customizable. For instance, you might want to add the date of when you two met or a significant phrase. Keep in mind that handmade gifts ideas are often the way to go.

Think About the Material

In a way, the material’s choice has to take into account both the previous two. Not only you’ll have to be careful with what color is the best for your loved one, but you’ll also need to think carefully about her personality.

For example, actual gold is scarce but also striking and eye-catching. Does this resonate with your woman’s character, or does she prefer to be more discreet? If that’s the case, silver is usually the safest choice. Still, you can also consider “lower” materials such as copper or brass. It really all depends on her vibes.

Do Not Save Money

The ultimate rule: when choosing jewelry for a woman, don’t think about saving money. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have a budget. We all have limited resources, and going overboard is never a good idea. 

Nevertheless, suppose your finances are enough for those 2-3 jewels you are doubting between. In that case, you should never base your decision on their price. It’s not elegant, and you may miss the chance to pick the perfect jewel. Would you be able to live with the regret?

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