5 Ways How Technology is Revolutionizing the Housing Industry

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Technology has played a pivotal role in enhancing the effects of the housing industry globally. A process involving manual labor in making sales or giving house tours to possible buyers and renters has become digital almost overnight! When it comes to shared housing solutions or co-living options, tenants can find roommates from shared housing portals and save a big chunk of their income. The industry is thriving all the more.

Technology removes the scope for human error while amplifying efforts and reach. 

Without technology, real estate companies would never be able to touch lives, miles away from them, by efficiently and speedily providing housing options to those who need it the most.

1. Strange times call for innovative solutions

With a full-blown pandemic in place, life is weirder than it has ever been! No matter what your business model has been, real-estate or otherwise, the present global crisis calls for a significant change. Technology has become everyone’s saving grace, and it is only now that we know the real impact that tech has had on the world. 

No matter what corner of the world you are in, the next share housing option is just a click away!

From virtual house tours and digital marketing to 3D printing, technology has taken the real estate business up a notch. 3D printing can build entire houses out of cement now! There is specific software available to give you the whole 3D house tour with you being safe in your home! Online applications also make it easier for you to find shared housing or co-living options. Roommate finders are very helpful to secure a roommate for your shared housing situation. 

2. A wider pool of choices 

Technology bridges the gap between demand and supply. The Internet has enabled the real estate and shared housing industry to connect to people with the need for housing who are miles apart, sometimes, even in different poles of the world! The world, indeed, has become a small place. Not only does the consumer benefit from these newfound inventions, but the market has diversified and become profitable since the incorporation of tech into the circumstances. 

Choose the tenant who ticks all your checklists to have a trouble-free renting experience! 

Individuals in urgent need of housing alternatives like mortgaging, or co-living options, can choose from various rental portals to administer a quick and trustworthy solution. Even landlords can obtain reliable tenants through multiple sites. It’s a win-win! 

3. AI to make things simpler for consumers

As humans, we’ve always seen Artificial Intelligence in a very fearful way. AI robots taking over the world is a distant possibility, but for now, AI is fighting on the housing industry’s side! With data collection, interpretation, and accurate predictions, a simple algorithm can reprogram itself according to the consumer’s choices. Suppose a consumer is looking specifically for co-living rental apartments in Sacramento and wants to be near the University of California. In that case, the algorithm can record their search behavior and show the options relevant to the person’s needs and wants. Many shared housing applications work on this very concept and have attained tremendous success. 

Without AI, the process of looking out for shared housing or homes on sale would take years altogether! It’s wondrous what a simple code can do! 

4. Handy and effortless screening 

In this day and age, all the generations, right from grandparents to their grandchildren, are looking for easy applications, with the convenience of mobility. Having real estate apps on the phone allows possible tenants to screen through all varieties of properties that one could think of. You can examine countless choices with just a tap on the phone, right from basement rentals, affordable shared housing with multiple roommates occupying the house to city-centric co-living alternatives and so much more! Payment is made even more straightforward by secure gateways, which are fool-proof. 

Browsing for co-living solutions has never been easier! 

At the same time, landlords and sellers can look at all the applicants and their credibility to hand over their precious property to a responsible and careful tenant or buyer. This brings us to the next point.

5. Background checks in a jiffy 

Gone are the days where you meet a stranger on Craigslist and hope that they don’t kidnap you! With great power comes great responsibility, and the internet adheres to that stringently. The visibility that the real estate portals achieve on the web comes with the hidden advantage of transparency. Any previous or current customers may post honest reviews on various sites detailing the service. This is beneficial as future consumers may get attracted by positive thoughts and choose to give you business. Simultaneously, the real estate company may also keep a tight check on themselves by effectively working on the feedback. 

Many renting and roommate-finder portals also check on your authenticity by gathering information from the company you work in. Background checks on tenants move the process ahead swiftly while having faith and confidence in the occupant before handing over the shared housing to them.

Use all the tech available to you and find the next best co-living options in your neighborhood NOW!

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