How Can You Make An Impact in Healthcare During COVID-19?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Amid an international healthcare crisis, it is vital that everyone does their part to positively impact the healthcare industry. Right now, access to healthcare is limited – and more dangerous than usual – for those who have high-risk health issues. Receiving regular healthcare and checkups for these individuals may be vital to the treatment of their condition, making finding a solution necessary.

Thankfully, with the emergence of technology, solutions are available. There are many ways in which we can easily and effectively treat patients without patients needing to leave the comfort of their homes.

What Are Some Problems in Healthcare?

Many Americans know currently that the healthcare system is relatively broken, however, there are some major healthcare problems that need to be addressed, not just during times of crisis. Below, we have outlined a few of the most common issues individuals face.

Despite these issues being chronic, many leading professionals are of the opinion that, by utilizing technological, at-home healthcare and monitoring tools, these issues can be resolved. Moreover, this keeps individuals who may be susceptible to COVID-19 at home, lessening the spread of the disease itself.

Early Disease Detection

This is an issue that can be vital to the long-term care of many patients worldwide. Doctors have determined that, with many different diseases, early diagnosis and planned treatment are two of the most effective ways to prevent long-term harm to patients. Additionally, patients with chronic health issues often get more success in treatment when the disease is caught early.

Overall, basic home-health tracking apps can be a great solution to these types of issues. Providing a platform to patients to self-monitor issues allows doctors to see real-time updates for symptoms and determine what course of action needs to be taken.

Reduction of Misdiagnosis

Some patients may be incorrectly diagnosed for years before receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment plan, which can be detrimental to their long-term health. However, utilizing technology to allow for symptom monitoring and reporting, as well as daily health journals with notes on potential triggers and other issues relevant to the patient’s health, is highly beneficial. Doctors will be able to see a comprehensive list of patient symptoms, frequency, severity, and discuss any notes.

Moreover, at-home diagnostics can be tracked and reviewed, giving the physician a clear idea of what issues the patient is having without trial and error.

The Cost of Healthcare

An in-person doctor’s office appointment may come at a far too high priced for many who are struggling, especially amid mass layoffs that have taken place during the coronavirus. Across the country, individuals have admitted that they haven’t seen a doctor for years, as they lack the funds required to do so.

Technology has revolutionized this, though – telehealth doctor appointments are now commonplace in the medical field, and offers a great way to see patients without extraordinary cost or concern of the continued spread of COVID-19. This is ultimately one of the best ways to easily and effectively positively impact the healthcare system during the pandemic.

What Are the Benefits of Telehealth?

Telehealth has many different benefits for potential patients, including:

  • affordability.
  • accessibility.
  • timeliness.
  • reduced risk of spread of disease.
  • simple medication management.

All of these are great reasons to consider transitioning to a telehealth platform during the pandemic.

How Can I Create a Telehealth Platform?

Creating a telehealth platform is actually simple if you research platforms used commonly by medical professionals. Though app design can be complex, physicians will need to focus on the following when creating their applications:

  • HIPAA guidelines, BAAs, and secure data
  • user interface
  • platforms

With this in mind and the assistance of app developers familiar with the medical industry, physicians will be able to provide users with comprehensive healthcare from afar.

As leaders of the medical industry, it is your job to help reduce the spread of the virus – and telehealth is a great way to treat patients while keeping their health and safety in mind.

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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