What You Must Look for During Wedding Dress Shopping?

| Updated on March 27, 2024
wedding dress shopping

Regardless of whether you already know exactly which wedding dress you want or have no idea what your wedding dress should look like – every bride actually experiences at least one appointment to try on during the wedding preparation phase.

Of course, we know that choosing a dress is something very personal and that it is of course very individual. Nevertheless, today we try to give you a few useful and general tips for buying wedding dresses in this article with the help of Cathy Telle’s team as well as the wedding linen direct decoration for the wedding. 

The best thing about the Cathy Telle team is that they come with great advice and experience, according to what the trend of this era is and your requirements. Try to appreciate the excellent and refined work of these masters such as Cathytelle lace wedding dress collection.

When Do I Buy My Wedding Dress?

Many brides look around on the Internet Photos and on the relevant social media pages long in advance. It’s great for inspiration, but the best way to make a decision is when you see the dress on and get clicked by an elopement photographer. Of course, it is also a great experience to try on wedding dresses 😉

Our recommendation: You should start looking seriously about 6 to 9 months before the wedding date.

The fact that you should plan so much time is mainly because many designers and manufacturers of wedding dresses have long delivery times for the dresses, which are often laborious to tailor. And since every bride has individual dimensions, a few more weeks must often be planned for any changes. Also, it is better to consider that you don’t always find the perfect wedding dress at the very first try-on appointment and you may have to search again!

Very Important: Making An Appointment

Even if it surprises many brides, again and again, it is not at all unusual to have to make an appointment in bridal fashion stores for the fitting. This is mainly due to the fact that the consultation and fitting can be very time-consuming. Only rarely is a single dress tried on and depending on the cut and accessories you may need some help with dressing and undressing.

Such a fitting appointment can take 1.5 to 2 hours, sometimes even longer. So that your bridal shop can adapt and have enough time for you, you should make an appointment beforehand.

What Should I Wear To Try on My Wedding Dress?

Since putting on and taking off wedding dresses is often complicated and time-consuming enough, we recommend that you choose comfortable and, above all, practical clothes. This saves you time between clothes because you can put them on and take them off faster.

In order not to leave unpleasant stains on the exhibits in the bridal shop, it is easiest to wear little or, at best, no makeup. After all, who wants to try on a wedding dress with traces of eye shadow and lipstick?

An important tip from us: Since most wedding dresses are white, you should wear skin-colored/beige-colored or at least light-colored lingerie. Then no unattractive imprints shimmer through the wedding dresses when trying on them. If you don’t have the right lingerie to try out your wedding dress, you can find it online on sites like EBY

Which Shoes Do I Wear When Buying a Wedding Dress?

If you already have them, your bridal shoes are of course the first choice. So you can already see in the shop how long the dress should be for the wedding day and which cut best suits your body size and preferred heel height.

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