Indian Government Set to Launch CoWin-20 App to Track People and Curb Coronavirus Community Spread

On Tuesday, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, announced a nationwide lockdown for three weeks until April 15. The move came as an effort to stop the spread of Coronavirus across India. Only essential services will remain open in India throughout this period, which includes grocery, medical resources, and other similar necessities.

In a bid to stop the virus, the government of India has decided to launch cowin-20, a Smartphone app that aims to track individuals by their Smartphone locations and control the community spread of the virus. 

India is on the verge of entering the stage 3rd of Coronavirus pandemic. So the Government of India has now decided to trace the travel histories of individuals through cowin-20. This way they will figure out how many people might have come in contact with the people infected with the virus. This would help the Indian government supervise the community spread of the Coronavirus, and isolate or quarantine any individual who may be at potential risk.

The cowin-20 app is now being tested for both iOS and Android devices. As per the government sources, the app will be released on both Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store in the next few days. 

For now, the Android app has been made available for a selected group of users through an apk that can be installed on devices. iOS users will be required to disclose their device UDIDs to the National Informatics Centre to receive a distinctive download link.

Apart from tracking the location of potentially infected users to control the community spread of Coronavirus, cowin-20 app can also be used by individuals to learn about the location of Coronavirus testing labs as well as quarantine centers in Indian cities as shown by an information poster shared of the app by Niti Aayog. Other features of the app are- automatic feeding of government advisories and official safety recommendations set forth by the Indian Government. 

The app will go live in a few days and will be available for use widely across India.

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