Get Closer to NBA Action Than Ever Before

| Updated on February 26, 2024

If you’re a basketball fan, you understand the thrill of watching your favorite team. But you also know there’s so much to the NBA that goes besides the games every 3 days. And of course, there is constant activity during the off-season you rarely get to hear enough about. 

Turn on Sportscenter during summer and early Fall and all you get to hear about is football, baseball, and anything else they can think of except basketball. So where do you turn to? I looked up some ways to find out more about the NBA offseason activity and access to more games, and I found a useful reference for NBA mobile apps. 

Great NBA & Basketball Apps

If you scroll through this list, you’ll see a basketball app for every kind of fan, during every season of the year. To keep up with your team both in and out of season, get more access to your favorite players, and see the best highlights, you can check out this list for an app that meets your needs. 

Keep Tabs On Your Team

As an NBA fan, you probably can’t get enough news about your favorite team. Even when the sporting news world is focused on basketball, they’re only focused on a few teams. If your team isn’t in the spotlight, these apps can allow you to keep up with potential trades, lineup changes, and player performances. The more you know, the more hope you can have that it’ll be your turn in the spotlight soon. 

Plus, with 82 games in the season, is it possible to keep up with start times and schedule changes for matchups with the biggest opponents? These apps will alert you if there’s a big game coming up, impactful injury to one of the star players, or a change in the playoff standings. And if you want to make sure you never miss a game, you can record every time your team is streaming. 

Get Closer to Your Favorite Players

Since the NBA brings so many new players every year, it can be hard to get info on your favorites. The major sports media outlets seem to only focus on 3 or 4 major stars, but you’re not a casual NBA fan. As a passionate follower of your team, you want to get connected with the players, find out what they’re doing to help the team and track their journey to stardom. 

Fortunately, NBA mobile apps can get you behind-the-scenes access to your favorite players. From updates on their social media posts to exclusive interviews and documentaries, NBA mobile apps provide more information on players than ever before. You now can take your fandom to new levels, and all you have to do is use your phone. 

Catch-All The Highlights 

Furthermore, since there are games every 2 or 3 days, it can be hard to keep up with every team around the league, let alone your favorite teams and players. That’s why NBA mobile apps store all of the updates and highlights that you could want. With exciting highlights and recaps, you can keep track of what rival teams are doing or check out other jaw-dropping plays from around the league. 

These highlight reels can also help you keep up with what everyone is talking about at work, especially if you’re a “transplant fan”. When you’re not a fan of the popular team in your city, you might feel out of the loop, but catching the highlights will fix that problem. Now you get the best of both worlds: watch your team all you want and see the highlights of the local team’s games as well. 


True NBA fans need a lot more than the mainstream sporting news brings to them. To see every game, get alerts about your favorite teams and players, and to catch every big play, take your fandom to the next level with NBA mobile apps.



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