Black Friday is Almost Here: Make Sure You Don’t Miss These Door Crashing Deals

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Black Friday is the shopping holiday of the year, and everyone wants to have a bite. There’s no comparing online sales to the showstopping sales available in big box stores around the country.

Major retailers lure shoppers out as early as Thanksgiving Day to enjoy the best deals of the season. If you’re trying struggling to decide whether to participate in Black Friday this year, here are a few deals you might not want to miss.

What is Black Friday?

Let’s be clear. Shopping holidays are no longer monolithic. 

You can shop Black Friday sales usually as early as Thanksgiving morning. These sales are usually those available online, but some retail stores also start sales the afternoon before Black Friday.

This means Black Friday is a holiday shopping event that lasts several days as retailers try to end the year on a sales high. They use ‘doorbusters’ or extremely discounted merchandise to lure shoppers into their doors.

You’ll find amazing deals on electronics, household products, and more when shopping on Black Friday. Many shoppers hold off on replacing big-ticket items like TVs and laptop computers until Black Friday.

Think of Black Friday as a sport if you’re serious about doorbusters. Shoppers line up early for special tickets that grant them access to doorbusters. 

Only shoppers with these golden tickets get access to the top deals in the store. They show up early and wait for hours in all forms of weather to ensure their access to top products.

Make sure you have a plan for any doorbusters you want at major retailers. The competition for a good sale is always fierce no matter where you choose to shop.

The Best Black Friday Deals 

Expect the best home electronics to hit the shelves on Black Friday. These amazing deals kick off the Christmas shopping season with a whirlwind of demand for the hottest toys and games.

Here are a few of the best Black Friday deals to choose from.

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are all the rage. They’re the only way to completely transform your gaming experience without worrying about slow load times.

Upgrade your game with top laptop deals from Lenovo. Here are a few gaming laptops you don’t want to miss out on this Black Friday.

Lenovo Legion Y740

This powerful laptop has one of the fastest graphics cards and processors on the market. It’s designed for maximum speed with the best refresh times Lenovo has to offer.

The water-repellent keyboard means you won’t have to baby your accessories as you enjoy hours of gaming. It’s vibrant display rivals any desktop computer option.  

Lenovo Legion 5i

This gaming laptop comes with 10th Gen Intel Core processors. You’ll find this technology in some of the most powerful gaming computers on the market.

Windows 10 Pro is available along with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card. These features offer cinematic quality experiences while you play your favorite games. 

The clean, minimalist design of the Lenovo Legion 5i is a sleek addition to your entertainment setup. You’ll get a full year of free Legion support when you purchase this laptop. 

Expect to spend more than $1,000 even on a doorbuster deal for gaming laptops. It’s not uncommon for desktop versions to extend beyond $5,000 for a similar performance level. 

But gaming laptops are also known for their longevity. Expect your investment in a quality gaming laptop to extend beyond the typical five-year laptop lifespan. 

Smart Home Devices

When’s the best time to upgrade the tech in your smart home? Black Friday, of course.

Black Friday is the best time to take home security and automation devices to the next level. Here are some of the best deals you’ll find during Black Friday 2020:

Arlo Pro 3 Security Cameras

Want to keep an eye on your property day and night? You can put your mind at ease and scare off trespassers with the Arlo Pro 3 Security Cameras.

These cameras come with a loud siren that wards off intruders keeping your property safe. The Arlo Pro 3 suite comes with one or two cameras depending on the system you choose.

You have access to 2-way audio communication using the companion app. You’ll automatically get 3 months free with your purchase, but a subscription is required after that.

These cameras are a great supplement to an existing security system since they are standalone and don’t require software integration. 

Echo Show 5

Ready to move Alexa in? If you’re already using other Amazon services, it’s time to bring in the latest Echo Show. 

It’s all your favorite smart devices in one. Watch your favorite shows, play music, cook along to step-by-step recipes, and manage your household calendar all in one place. 

The clock face can double as a photo album showing off your favorite images. Check off items on your to-do list while you listen to debates on the evening news. 

The Echo Show is also a smart home hub. Control smart lights, thermostats, and more with the Echo Show device. 


There are always new tablets on the market that often launch during Black Friday. Choose from a range of e-book readers to kid-friendly devices from these top brands.

Lenovo Tab E10

You won’t worry about inappropriate content on your child’s device with the Lenovo Tab E10. It’s one of the best child-friendly tablets on the market with amazing parental lock controls.

The lightweight device features ample screen space that allows multiple children to view movies together with ease. It comes with 2GB of space, making it the perfect entry-level tablet for young tech lovers.

The Lenovo Tab E10 also has an upgraded audio system so that you can hear your favorite music, games, and shows without having the device too close to your face. 

Lenovo Tab M8

You can’t get sleeker than the Lenovo Tab M8. Its metal construction and vivid display offer a state-of-the-art camera.

You’ll find the same pro-grade audio as on the E10 but with a luxury appearance that’s sure to turn heads. You’ll only need to charge the device once per day, even after spending hours enjoying some of your favorite entertainment.

At a slightly higher price point, expect a faster processor but with the same basic entertainment functions as the E10. 


Ebook readers are always on the rise. Black Friday is a great time to ditch your ink and paper tradition for a digital library. 

Kindle comes with its fair share of perks, including the option to download free books. If you sign up for a membership, you can access thousands of free titles for both adults and children. 

Sample your favorite books or download them at a fraction of the print cost. 

Personal Care

When it comes to personal care and beauty, Black Friday deals are the most exciting. There’s no limit to the neck massagers and lip scrubbers you’ll find to give away as stocking stuffers. 

Look for deals that allow you to scale up or down with your gift. For example, you might offer a gift basket with a person’s favorite spa items. 

These items can be almost exclusively bought on Black Friday since they’ll be available in ample supply. Most shoppers are focused on the top electronic deals and ignore the smaller items on sale.

This gives you access to a wide array of gift options. Combine quality cosmetics and a face buffer for a beauty basket or great skincare products with an exfoliator.

These options give you versatility as you mix and match gift options for the special people in your life. 

Where Will I Find the Best Black Friday Sales?

Black Friday sales are everywhere. It’s not enough to visit retail stores for deals. Expect some online brands like Lenovo to offer sales on their website. 

These deals sometimes extend beyond the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you’re lucky, you can take advantage of these top gift options without having to leave your home.

But if you are planning to shop in person for Black Friday, just make sure you have a solid plan in place to get the best deals. Research your favorite big box stores in advance to find the sale items you want.

Make a list of the places closest in proximity in case you need to visit more than one store. Aim to get in line several hours early, so you have access to the doorbusters you want.

Start with the most expensive item on your list and work your way down, so you get the best quality merchandise at the best possible prices.

When to Start Shopping for Black Friday?

Black Friday sales start early. Shoppers start even earlier.

You’re going to have trouble competing for doorbusters if you’re waiting until Black Friday to start shopping. It’s important to get in line early or shop online early to get access to the top deals.

Retailers won’t lose money by giving away dirt cheap products to everyone. You’ll want to be the first in line to get amazing sales on your favorite big-ticket items.

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