Best Free Finance Control Apps on Your Smartphone

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Can’t control your finances and are tired of situations when you don’t have enough money for a salary? Download a special accountant application to your device. Also, you can use the RevenueGrid online revenue platform for your business goals. We will now talk about the best applicants for this vacancy.

Money Manager

A classic application for controlling personal finances. Allows you to enter data on income and expenses, loans or salaries, and later view statistics for any period. All information can also be viewed via computer.

Useful feature: income and expenses can be linked to specific categories or accounts.

Bills Monitor

Bills Monitor – a convenient reminder of regular payments: for utility bills, rent, internet, training, various subscriptions, or gym. Instead of keeping this information in mind, entrust time monitoring to a reliable program.


This program will help you keep track of your monthly expenses and stay within your budget. The choice of features here is small, but using Goodbudget is easy and convenient. All you need to do is indicate how much and what you are going to spend this month: “entertainment”, “food”, “transport”, etc.


The application was created especially for those who rent an apartment with someone else. The program records the distribution of expenses: how much money each resident spent on food, utilities, or calling a foreman.

Moneygraph +

Moneygraph + will help organize and control the income of users with unstable earnings. For example, freelancers or sole proprietors receive money in different ways and from different sources during the month. The program allows you to create multiple accounts, as well as monitor the period and amount of earnings.


An app that will be appreciated primarily by those who often go on business trips. With Expensify you will always know how much money and what you spent. All you need to do is take a photo of the check, and the application will determine the cost category and enter the data.


Another simple but enjoyable application. Monefy will calculate your costs, categorize them and show statistics. One of the useful features is that you can connect several gadgets to the program. This is useful if you use multiple devices or want to monitor the budget of all family members.

Money Wallet

This program is designed for Windows. Money Wallet combines all accounts, provides statistics on expenses and income, and reminds of regular payments. You can create multiple accounts and keep track of each one separately. The application supports payments in different currencies.

Money Lover

The program supports all the classic functions for personal finance accounting and provides detailed statistics on income and expenses. With Money Lover, you can create accounts or plan for the future, pay your debts or remind yourself of regular payments. The program interface is convenient and intuitive.


FinPix is ​​a universal helper in everything related to personal budgeting. This application combines the functionality of several programs listed above. For example, FinPix can scan and analyze checks, recognize SMS about transactions from your bank and automatically enter data into the database. All other functions for calculating costs and revenues are also available here.

Hope this list will make your money-saving easier and more effective. Choose the best one for you and download it.

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