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| Updated on March 1, 2024

Are you deciding to sell your home or considering selling it in the future? The foremost thing for the same is to find a trustworthy real estate broker. The transactions associated with it carry important processes and transactions, which makes it essential to find one who understands your needs.

Consider taking advice from experienced members known to you. You can take opinions from family or friends who recently sold their homes by taking help from experienced professionals. 

But bear in mind, not everyone known to you have connections with a professional yet experienced agent. So, made your choices wisely, while evaluating or optimizing things before integration. 

Everything considered, finding the one with whom you can feel comfortable and safe is not an easy task, yet not impossible though. It can take a lot of effort and research to find the perfect one. Researching over the Internet can bring mixed outcomes. This may lead to the rise in questions like whether this agent could be a good fit for you or not, and does he/she have experience in this respective field, and so on. But, you would be happy if we say there is a simpler approach to it. 

FastExpert reveals the list of representatives available near your location. It, even, uncovers transparent reviews from clients, ratings, and transaction histories of them. Besides, with the usage of FastExpert, you can each and every piece of information you need to know about the representatives. Its messaging feature enables you to chat with them right from the platform. 

Additionally, its matching services permit clients to participate in brief surveys. As an outcome, you will be matched with several agents’ stands on your expectations. FastExpert company reviews suggest that this platform is wide and popular for service providers to find affordable, and high-performing experts in the United States. 

They are actively indulging themselves in advertisement practices to promote their services. The database of experts contains a plethora of representatives and works efficiently to help you find the best one for you. 

Is FastExpert Trustworthy?

FastExpert works throughout the country. Their primary role is to connect potential sellers and buyers of homes with real estate brokers in the area. 

Since the start of the company, many competitors, such as Ideal Agent, have followed FastExpert’s business model. However, This matching service is a much larger company with a larger broker network than Ideal Agent. 

They handle billions of dollars in its transactions every year. The company has an excellent reputation, and you can trust that you’re going to receive superior service from an exceptional company.  And, believes in full transparency.  With over 50,000 reviews, you can read about clients’ experiences with them and see why clients love FastExpert.   

How Does the FastExpert Service Work? Should I Use Their Services

FastExpert offers two service options to find your representative.  

Option one, you can select a particular area, and a list of representatives will populate with reviews and ratings.  From that, you are able to message any brokers that you are interested in as well as its recommendation system is user-friendly too.

Simply, visit their website and input the basic information. With a blinking of an eye, a list containing the “top” representatives will appear in front of you. They are the optimized agent as per your preferences. 

Therefore, the generated list is based on an automatic algorithm. So make sure to check them out precisely and then only make informed decisions. But, here, setting the right criteria to find one is most important. 

Moreover, inspire just gives you the ability to hire an individual for you to help buy a home. Its algorithm possesses each and every piece of information in order to provide their names and the companies that are recommended by the services. 

You can search for additional employees by clicking on the “I want to see more” box. These presented employees are based on your search criteria. And, to review detailed information about them, head towards the more information section. 

There, you will accumulate information regarding their experience and the number of recent home sales done by them in your location. On top of that, you can see the map of sold homes. You can easily message them to discover who would fit best with your home.  

In addition, the FastExpert service is free for buyers and sellers.  There are no hidden fees or requirements from clients. They truly serve the client to provide the best experience for them. They provide personalized client support for any questions when searching for a real estate broker and are with you throughout the process.   

Not only that, but they can join this company for free but are required to pay a portion of the commission when clients referred by FastExpert use their services. Likewise, they have created a sustainable, profitable business model that benefits all parties involved. It has thousands of happy clients and realtors, with numbers growing daily.    

Let’s Consider the Key Advantages of Cooperation with FastExpert:

  • The FastExpert service has been operating in its services market since 2014. They are trustworthy, as verified by thousands of client reviews. 
  • They work throughout the country.
  • This has the largest database of agents with reviews and ratings. 
  • Each year, they handle over a billion dollars worth of real estate transactions.
  • The company has a good reputation that you can safely do business with.
  • This company is a reliable, proven, safe way to find an experienced real estate broker.

Certain disadvantages of cooperation with FastExpert include the fact that the interface is not always clear, but this is not a critical drawback. Improvements continue to be made, and any questions are quickly answered by client support.  

What Types of Real Estate Agents Use FastExpert?

FastExpert accepts licensed brokers with relevant experience in this field. How do they benefit real estate agents?   

There could be 2 key reasons behind this. The first reason could be, the representatives don’t pay a commission till the house gets sold, to make sure, there are no upfront costs. Whereas, the second reason could be the paid commission is less than what they typically used to pay for customer acquisition. 

Those brokers often need to spend a huge value independently. They bear the cost to find clients via online advertisements and marketing. 

They need to spend 10% of their annual gross revenue on various promotional activities to market their services to new potential customers. This is a take a while to find the right and genuine leads. Many people who respond to ads do not always become clients of them. 

Those representatives can save their own time and money by having leads pre-approved by the FastExpert platform. This is a significant time saving that they can spend on selling or buying the home directly instead of advertising. 

That’s why matchmaking services like FastExpert are ideal for busy, qualified brokers. For this reason, they are happy to pay a portion of the commissions for acquiring clients.

FastExpert: Possible Disadvantages

This system is well-designed, and its algorithms are generally suitable for local brokers, but sometimes problems can occur. Due to the large number of brokers in the network, the representatives recommended by the service are usually located in your city or region and often have sales experience in houses in your area. However, no algorithm is perfect. 

Differences are more pronounced in small towns. In cases where clients are looking for an affordable broker from smaller cities and in towns, FastExpert’s algorithms can assign the client one who specializes in buying and selling real estate in a big city instead of a slightly lower-ranking broker in their small town. Such brokers do not have a lot of information about areas or property values and, therefore, are not identified as top experts. 

They allow them to join their platform and provide their sales history, a description of their services, and an optional video to get to know the agent.  Yet, each client and the representative brings unique aspects to every transaction.

If issues arise, client support will help you solve these issues. They can also provide more information about them or recommend another individual. However, it is important to be aware of these potential problems when using an automated system like FastExpert. 

FastExpert’s automated system works well for many potential home sellers, but based on your location and price range, it can steer you to the “wrong” agent. However, FastExpert’s managers will be happy to help you quickly solve this issue and find the best one for you.

A Smooth Process of Buying and Selling Real Estate

At first, glance, selling a home does not seem like a big job. It’s not that hard, right? It is difficult for most people to appreciate the complexity of the sales process. Oftentimes, for sale by owner (FSBO), homes start the sales process without a realtor and get stuck at some stage of the process. Critical steps are missed, and key mistakes are made.

If the sale price is indicated incorrectly, documents are missing, questions are answered incorrectly, or the transfer of the mortgage loan is not agreed upon with the bank, the sale process is slowed or stopped altogether. 

Oftentimes, the desired savings on commission for FSBO homes is not realized. Sellers generally receive a lower purchase price relative to those that use a realtor. In addition, with the complexity of the real estate market, many buyers don’t want to engage in buying an FSBO home for fear of the transaction being completed incorrectly.  

Those professionals make sure that every step is done correctly and on time. He will inform, coordinate and guide you through the complex process. A professional broker brings the necessary knowledge throughout all the critical stages of the process. Whether it’s coordinating photography, developing an attractive marketing plan, or determining the best listing price, they’ll present your property the right way. 

What Does a Real Estate Seller Get by Partnering With an Experienced Real Estate Agent from FastExpert?

Choosing a FastExpert agent saves time while searching so that you can get your property on the market sooner and sell quicker. Brokers there find a buyer for your property faster. Their employees are motivated to provide positive experiences for their clients and receive excellent reviews. Real estate sales with their experts will be as quick and hassle-free as possible.

In addition, they will showcase your property so that buyers are drawn to it. Each of them operates at the highest professional level and provides excellent customer service.

Agents become like family as you navigate through the emotional process of selling a home. Therefore, you want an agent that you can trust, that understands your needs, and who will seamlessly guide you through the selling process.

Guarantee of performance of the contract concluded with FastExpert. Those experts not only help with the sale of real estate but also advise as informatively as possible on the list of documents required for the sale of a property and help to issue them if necessary.

Assistance in conducting all necessary legal procedures related to real estate. Your representative will accompany you during the signing of the contract and the agreement. The matching service experts will provide you with experienced, expert advice on financial issues that arise during the sale of real estate.

Save yourself trouble and stress when searching for a real estate agent. It is known that buying and selling housing is one of the most stressful situations. However, finding a realtor doesn’t need to add to your anxiety. Choose an experienced realtor from FastExpert. This is a well-known and reliable company that you can trust for your optimal outcome.

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