How to Teach Students Time Management Skills?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Strong time management skills become increasingly important for our students as we give them more autonomy over time, path, location, and learning speed. These abilities are especially crucial for self-paced online learning because we cannot monitor and direct their time management like in a traditional classroom.

We must be deliberate in introducing time management techniques and technological resources to our students if we want them to develop these crucial abilities. Students are often stressed and tensed due to workload and are hesitant to take help with assignments in their academics (Macan, Shahani, Dipboye & Phillips, 1990). By doing this, we can help our students in staying stress-free and prepare them to fulfill their assignment deadlines effectively.

Not only in student life but also in their professional life, it will give them much support whether they decide to provide the best assignment writing service or to run a business.

Although this will need to be scaffolded and modified based on the students’ ages and levels of expertise, all learners can work toward developing their capacity for time and task management. 

How Do You Manage Your Time?

Time management is the art of strategically allocating time to accomplish any goal or activity (help with dissertation, 2021). Time must be used wisely because it is a limited resource, much like our energy and money. Planning and regulating the amount of time you spend on particular tasks is the essence of time management.

Why is Time Management Crucial for Students in High School?

We are all aware that getting good grades in the first stages of formal education does not depend just on one’s ability or practice with time management. However, when students advance from junior to senior year, their obligations and responsibilities grow, and when deadlines are missed, grades inevitably suffer, and students lose interest in continuing their studies. Particularly, this issue affects high school students the most frequently, either in high school or at the start of higher education, when they have many more obligations and duties to do and master quickly.

Time management abilities will be highly valued in the business world because we live in a world of rapid technological advancement that is also chaotic and full of uncertainty. But time management is a skill that applies to other aspects of life as well, including education, where it often marks the first significant turning point in students’ lives. You can better manage your academic obligations if you control your free time. As a result, you’ll be more productive, earn better marks, and be happier, giving you more time to do the activities you enjoy.

Educating Students on Time Management

Students typically follow fairly rigid routines. They have a schedule for their school day and their after-school activities. Because of this, many of them never learn how to use their free time effectively.

Here are some actions you may take to impart important time management skills to your adolescent:

  • Tell your student to record his timetable in writing. If your youngster isn’t watchful, video games or social media might easily consume his time. Teach him how to plan his day so he can allot time for tasks like homework and household duties. Encourage him to schedule his leisure time so that he doesn’t feel like time is passing without him doing anything enjoyable.
  • Don’t nag people. It may be tempting to badger or repeatedly remind your students. However, repeatedly reminding your students to complete their responsibilities will make them feel less responsible. Create guidelines for your expectations and, when required, enforce them with consequences.
  • Encourage your adolescent to establish routines. Encourage your student to develop healthy routines, such as finishing his homework immediately after school. 2 He won’t have to spend time pondering what to do next once he gets into the habit of completing things in a specific order.
  • Provide time-management skills to your students. Find the tools that will work best for your students, whether a calendar he fills out completely or an app that organizes his schedule. Discuss how important it is to make a timetable and use lists to allocate his time effectively.
  • Assist her in making goals. Talk to your students about the objectives she has for themselves. Then, assist her in determining how long she will need to spend each day working toward that objective. Setting goals is a terrific method to help her manage her time, whether she wants to exercise for 30 minutes three times per week or decides to apply for scholarships one Saturday each month.
  • Assist your student with setting priorities. Conflicts in students’ schedules are rather typical. A basketball game, a birthday celebration, and an event may all fall on the same day. Discuss with your students how to order activities depending on their commitments and ideals.
  • Set a solid example for time management. Your students will imitate you if you frequently miss deadlines or are perpetually late. Show your students that you can complete the most critical activities in a day by practicing time management.
  • Limit your use of electronics. If she’s not careful, your student may lose countless hours playing electronic games or on social media. Establish guidelines to encourage her to use her smartphone and other digital gadgets healthily.
  • Your students should be encouraged to practice time management. They will occasionally underestimate the time a project takes or neglect a deadline. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and assist her in learning from those errors.

Last Word

You are aware of time management techniques and the advantages they will bring you. Whether you choose to use these beneficial tactics or not is now entirely up to you. Your ability to complete tasks on time depends entirely on you. You will realize that nothing is impossible once you value your time for yourself. You will also be able to do your task without putting it off till tomorrow.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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