6 Early Signs Your Marriage is in Trouble

| Updated on February 24, 2024

It is common for there to be bumps on the road of marriage, but if they start appearing too frequently or get too big, you must take a closer look at the issues plaguing your marriage and your life overall. You will see your self-esteem suffering if you are in a bad marriage. You might be depressed and suffering from anxiety as a result, and this is no way to go through life. 

Sometimes people are too oblivious or busy to identify the red flags right in front of them, telling them their marriage is in trouble. But these signs do not mean that your marriage is over or cannot be saved. But to work on your marriage, you must identify the issues and be willing to work on them with your spouse. Here are some early signs telling you you you need to work on your marriage.

You Can’t Seem to Discuss Anything Uncomfortable

It is common for all relationships to face challenges along the way, and a sign of a healthy relationship is being able to discuss and solve those challenges. You have to be able to honestly discuss matters such as future plans, money, sex, children, and other sensitive topics with your spouse. If you see that you can easily communicate such issues with your spouse without inhibitions, this indicates that there is ample trust in your relationship. 

You may have to discuss financial matters such as any property you have, any assets you own, or co-owning a business together. On the other hand, if you feel that your partner is not going to hear you out in the way you expect or will appear to be nagging about whatever you bring up, this is a clear sign that you don’t have effective communication in your marriage. this is a significant red flag. If this is the case, you might want to think about taking legal counsel to protecting your separate property.

You No Longer Have Fights

You may wonder about this point, but the fact is if you are unable to feel angry enough towards your spouse to fight about a matter, your marriage is in trouble. Problems start to multiply if you are at a point where you don’t want to talk or listen to anything that your spouse has to say. Having a fight allows you to express your emotions to your spouse, and possibly work towards a resolution, no matter how hard it is. 

If you don’t have fights between you two, it shows that you have become indifferent toward each other. If you have fights, it shows that you still want to make the relationship work or still care for your relationship. Not bothering to stand up for what you think is right might be a troubling sign that you don’t care about the marriage anymore.

Spending Quality Time Together Doesn’t Mean Much to You

Do you see yourself directly heading for your private part of the house right after you get home from work? Do you not feel the urge to hug your spouse after seeing each other after a grueling day? A relationship surely has issues when you don’t want to hang out with each other after you get home in the evenings or during the weekends. 

This is when the relationship starts to feel more like a burden. It is ok to want to spend some time apart once in a while, but if you prefer to spend time away from each other, it indeed is a sign that something is not the way it should be in your marriage.

Absent Sex Life

Several medical conditions can sometimes prevent sex between a couple, but if you abstain from it consciously, something is definitely lacking. It is a significant matter if the intimacy is gone from your relationship because that sets your marriage apart from all your other relationships. If there are any medical reasons for refraining from sex, you are still expected to show affection by kissing, hugging, or holding hands. If you find that you don’t even want to do that, then that is indeed a red flag for your marriage.

Sexual Infidelity 

This is a no-brainer. If your partner is sleeping with someone else, it will result in a complete breakdown of trust, and you may lose all inclination to communicate with them. The hurt and the pain of the incident may stay with you for a while and prevent you from moving toward any resolution to the situation. This can make it very challenging for you to move past it. So sexual infidelity on the part of your spouse is a major red flag in your marriage. 

Not Being Sexually Compatible

There is certainly something at odds with your relationship if you both are not in the same place sexually or have different sexual desires from your relationship. You have to understand that over time, the sex drive changes. You also must accept that the daily stress and strains from our modern lives can very quickly kill a libido. 

But despite this, if you see that you cannot work up a passionate sexual intimacy between the two of you regularly, your marriage is in a troubled state. Both of you must have the same interest in enjoying passionate sex. Hence, you must be willing to spice up your sex life if it has slowed down. You must also be attentive to your partner’s needs; only then will you be able to make sex a joy in your life, not a problem.

Parting Thoughts

Knowing the signs that your marriage is in trouble can be helpful, especially if you plan to keep it alive. Most of the time, the issues are apparent, and all it requires is a sincere effort from both your end to rectify them. Marriage is an institution that requires effort from both of you to maintain. So if you believe you want to fight for your marriage, knowing the signs that it is in trouble will benefit you tremendously. Hope this article helps.



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