• Failed Business Projects of Famous Musicians

    | Updated on December 21, 2022

    We often hear the expression “A talented person is talented in everything,” but how true is it? How many stars of domestic and foreign show business have proven it in practice, for example, by combining creativity with ordinary (and sometimes even far out of the ordinary) business? However, some artists like Ivan Malkov (Infraction) start successful copyright free music sites. Let’s not argue, there are such. After all, the creative profession – is something treacherous, today there is work, and tomorrow – no. Therefore, without safety, there is nowhere, and the additional source of income has never stopped anyone. But business, as they say, is a thin line. And not all of it turns out.

    Timberlake’s Tarnished Reputation

    It became a tradition for celebrities to open their restaurants. American singer Justin Timberlake, who opened a star restaurant with a “modest” name “Destino” in the center of Manhattan, did not neglect it either. The institution enjoyed great popularity but was forced to close after seven years of successful work. The culprit was a burst drain in the food area and a rumored botched (and illegal) plumbing installation.

    But Justin’s desire to become a famous restaurateur still prevailed, and after a while, he opened a second restaurant called Southern Hospitality. This time Timberlake decided to add to the institution the southern flavor of his small motherland (Justin Timberlake is a native of Tennessee): a lot of wood, steaks, and pork ribs. The restaurant still exists to this day, though it traditionally brings Justin a lot of problems. The latest news in the media was the presence of rodents in the establishment and 28 violations by the sanitary inspection.

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    Kanye West Style

    The fashion industry is no less popular with star businessmen. And it would seem – here it is, a goldmine for those who simply want to make money on their name. But even here, we would like it to be more smooth.

    A prime example of this is Kanye West’s clothing line. It all started in the noughties when the rapper gathered a team of specialists and began to create a collection. He went into details, worked hard, and even stepped away from music for a while. But the collection never saw the light of day.

    Another failure for Kanye was the clothing brand Yeezy. In 2013, West’s company registered the rights to produce clothes and shoes under the Yeezy brand, but subsequently, for unknown reasons, did not renew them to release the clothing. When the company remembered this, the trademark was already occupied by the Chinese.

    Wolf Without Wall Street: Bono’s Investment Company U2

    Irish rock musician and U2 frontman Bono decided to swing even higher and opened his own investment company specializing in the entertainment and media business. Bono successfully entered the new environment, funding such IT giants as Yelp! and Facebook. However, the decision to invest in Forbes, which owns the money-filled magazine of the same name, unexpectedly led the rock musician to multimillion-dollar losses. During the crisis, the company’s stock fell in price by as much as 80%. After this bad investment, 24 Wall Street named Bono America’s worst investor.

    Celebrity Aperitifs of Meraya Carrey and Pharrell Williams

    And American singer Meraya Carrey, backed by Italian entrepreneur Stefano Zagni, launched a line of sparkling wines. The first trial batch consisted of 24 exclusive bottles costing 1.5 thousand pounds each. Critics unanimously condemned the drink and urged the singer to turn the first batch into the last one. Meraya was quick to do so, and afterward, in an interview, she admitted that she couldn’t stand the taste of her wine.

    Rapper Pharrell Williams was also spotted in the market for revelatory drinks. He created his liqueur for adult and independent women, but the drink was not appreciated by the iron ladies, and the liqueur migrated to the shelves of bartenders in nightclubs. And soon it had to be withdrawn from production because of poor sales.

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