What Dogs Can One Not Be Afraid To Leave Children Alone With?

| Updated on February 28, 2024

A dog is the best friend of a person and especially of children. What kind of child does not dream of a four-legged companion with whom you can walk and play with the envy of your peers? Of course, this is a significant step on the part of parents that should be carefully considered. The main thing is to choose a suitable pet, and for this, you need to know the best breeds of dogs for children.

Each of them will be a good choice, but not all of them are equally unpretentious, easy to maintain, and easy to train. And if you are not ready to leave your child alone, you need to save your time with this service and spend the rest together. Therefore, seriously consider each of the proposed options so that later you do not have to seriously regret the mistakes made.

Small Breeds

The main advantage is compactness and low weight. A child will be able to carry it in his hands for a long time, and during the walk, the pet will not rip the leash out of the owner’s hands. Let’s consider a few options for small dogs, which will be a successful addition to the composition of your family.


Avery fun and good breed of dogs – for children, its representatives will be an ideal choice. They are distinguished for their activity and love of games. So, a child will never get bored in such a company – together, and they will come up with dozens of games and wonder how they used to live without each other. Beagles can boast of high intelligence, calmness, not peculiar to small breeds. There is only one disadvantage – they are very fond of barking. And they bark surprisingly loud. And you can’t walk them without a leash in any way. The fact is that the beagle is a fascinating breed. They may well run after a pigeon, a car, a cat, or just a distraction, get off the court, and get lost.


A pug is sure to become the favorite of the whole family. Small but firmly knocked down, they will surely withstand a strong hug and not too careful treatment during games. They will love all family members – from children to the elderly, will be equally happy to play with members of the same generation and curl up to sleep at the feet of another. However, they don’t like to run for a long time – short legs and weighted carcasses don’t turn them into good athletes. It is very important to watch the diet – pugs quickly get thicker, which makes them even lazier. In addition, in spring and autumn, they molt heavily – short wool will cover everything in the house. Because of the nose’s unique structure, they produce a range of funny sounds: snorting, grunting, sneezing, snoring – for some owners, it is touching, and for others – annoying.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-

The breed is not too famous and completely in vain. If these dogs are not the best breed of dogs for children, it is definitely one of them. Despite their not too sporty appearance, they like to run and play. However, they also like to sleep or just lie next to their owner. Therefore, the whole family will love them. The kind nature makes them even more suitable companions for children’s games. In eating Cavalier, King Charles spanieli quite unpretentious, and training lends themselves surprisingly easy. So the child is quite able to teach his pet at least a few simple commands.

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